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At Criteria for Success, we strive to make our sales training as accessible as possible. Learn more about our offerings below.

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Our Webinars Are…


Using Zoom webinar, we host interactive discussions and encourage questions, comments, and client participation. Through polls, quizzes, surveys, and Q&As, we are ensure an engaging and insightful experience. Your team will collaborate directly with one another and with CFS facilitators to get the most out of webinar sessions.


When COVID-19 had many to transitioning to remote work, we knew remote sessions would become the norm and that many would be disappointed by the lack of in-person meetings. However, we have been doing webinars and remote trainings for over a decade and can assure you that our remote trainings are extremely valuable!

Not only do webinar-based sessions allow for more people to join, but they can create unity in large sales organizations. Team members are able to connect from anywhere in the world to solve problems and discover solutions together.


We want our clients to get the most out of our trainings, which is why we adapt our remote trainings to meet the needs of your sales team. We work flexibly to ensure our clients get exactly what they need from our extensive program, especially during this difficult time. Together, we can identify key pain points and subjects that will help trainings resonate more with those on your team.

Check out our Resources page for some of our past webinars.


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