We have found that the majority of salespeople don’t use agendas for sales calls or meetings. This results in unstructured prospecting events that waste too much time on presenting rather than discovering the prospects’ problems.

Running a sales conversation is not cut and dry. Sales scripts may help in a transactional sale but fall short in a consultative one. We work with clients to implement structured meeting agendas for sales reps to follow.

We believe the conversation doesn’t end when the meeting does. That’s why we provide our clients with a proprietary DEAL email document to drive action after meetings.

What you'll get:
  • A repeatable, 5-step meeting agenda that promotes a discovery-based selling approach. The goal is to give your sales team the tools to communicate with prospects how they see fit, with an agenda that will move the sale along naturally.
  • Higher close rates and a KPI to track them – all through using our proprietary follow-up email. The DEAL email format drives actions after meetings are finished to engage prospects in moving deals forward.
  • A systemized process for sales conversations that doesn’t limit your team members to following scripts. Your sales reps know how to communicate with their prospects, all they need is a structure to guide the conversation.