For many of our clients, the biggest sales problem is a lack of quality leads. That’s why we train salespeople to proactively generate leads, rather than waiting for leads to come to them. This happens by working with leadership and top performers to define an ideal lead. Then, we work with the sales team to align prospecting activities accordingly. We help salespeople understand what activities they should be doing and the appropriate activity level to drive the results they want to achieve.

What We Do:
  • Implement transformational lead generation activities by aligning the efforts of marketing and sales. Each function requires different strategies for lead generation, neither one being more important than the other, but complementary.
  • Determine the optimal lead generation activities for your organization. We work with clients to figure out the best strategies to engage their ideal leads. We then train the relevant teams on best practices.
  • Optimize strategies for digital by training sales employees to use various mediums for lead generation. Whether it’s LinkedIn, online databases, or simple research, lead generation primarily occurs online. We work with clients to figure out which activities should be added to their sales process.
  • Establish a robust referral process by giving sales reps the tools they need to succeed. Some reps have a lot of “head trash” around asking for referrals. We work with clients to help sales reps use referrals to their benefit, whether they’re giving them or receiving them.
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