Performance optimization is at the top of mind for most businesses. We help our clients improve each component of performance by understanding everything from how to motivate employees to perform better to what processes need to exist so that they can.

At Criteria for Success, we work with clients to understand the current standing of each sales team member. We take an in-depth look into each salesperson in order to rank their performance, then work to set expectations for team members at each level.

What We Do:
  • Analyze individual performance objectives including sales reps’ results, pipelines, activities, and more. We then rank team members based on capabilities and past results. We work with clients to determine which team members need specific attention and training and which we can pull best practices from.
  • Roll out a coaching and accountability program that helps develop leadership skills and drives accountability to individual goals and overall best practices. We support the coaches as they support their teams. And, we create an environment for tribal knowledge to be fostered by anyone on the team so they can share it with their peers.
  • Determine leading indicators of success by analyzing what’s working for your team and what isn’t. At Criteria for Success, we believe that performance is not just a numbers game. Performance is improved through discovery and breakthrough, not word-for-word scripts or just making 100 calls a day.