True growth happens when you not only have the right people on the bus, but the right number of people doing the right jobs. We work with clients to analyze how to structure their sales organizations in times of growth or after restructuring.

In many organizations, it’s not enough to just have one standard sales role. Some clients need to add a lead generation function. Others may need sales enablement, analytics, or assistants. And others may simply need to realign their territory or vertical approach.

We work with clients to finalize organizational structure and develop job descriptions for new sales functions. We help leadership align on interview and onboarding processes to make sure you find the right candidates quickly and make them productive. And we partner with you to identify the KPIs you’ll track moving forward to measure success.

What We Do:
  • Identify the numbers of sales reps and sales managers your company needs to hit your sales growth targets. We’ll also work with you to decipher current territories or create entirely new ones.
  • Curate roles in the sales organization to establish functions on the team. We work with clients to identify who is responsible for what and how much experience is needed to do the job. In today’s dynamic marketplace, there are new sales roles that have never existed before. We help clients understand the gaps present in their organization and how to fill them.
  • Optimize your organizational structure to ensure efficiency. Often, companies grow faster than they are able to prepare for, or they’ve restructured and performance takes a hit. Regardless of the situation, we help clients figure out the best organizational structure that works for them.