Having the right people on your team is a necessary component to achieving any goal. Hiring the wrong people can set back even the most successful businesses. When your employees aren’t a fit, not only are they unproductive, but they impede other team members as well. This goes for the most junior sales rep to a team of senior executives. That’s why we work with clients to develop a robust hiring process to employ team members that are a fit for the position and culture.

What We Do:
  • Engineer a robust hiring process that covers all functions involved in the sales organization. We identify which existing team members and leaders should be involved in the hiring process and what their roles should be.
  • Embed ourselves into your interview process by developing job descriptions, interview scorecards, templates, and exercises that fit the needs of your company. And at the request of the client, we conduct interviews with key recruits to ensure the best fit possible.
  • Create an integrated onboarding plan that includes ramp plans, processes, and the philosophy and mechanics behind making new hires effective team members. With this plan, our clients are able to grow their team and ensure the key players they invested in are able to hit the ground running.
  • Establish an exit protocol for employees leaving the company. When an employee leaves, there’s a long list of exit activities to be completed. This includes everything from forwarding emails, handing off prospects, and removing systems access to conducting exit interviews. Whether an employee is leaving on good terms or not, we help our clients ensure they have the right processes in place.