In this day and age, your organization needs a CRM system to achieve success. Leaders know this, so they make the investment. But the truth is, many organizations are paying for CRM but not seeing the benefit. This could be the result of obstacles such as low adoption, bad data, lack of usable reports, and misuse. We work with clients to discover what your CRM should be doing and what needs to happen to get your system working at an optimal level. With a proper strategy, your CRM system will drive the right selling behaviors and provide actionable reports to management.

What We Do:
  • Analyze your current CRM usage and how it aligns with your sales process. Before we can create any new strategies, we work with our clients to get an in-depth understanding of how their CRM could support sales more effectively. This involves a Gap Analysis to see how your current CRM is not working for salespeople and leaders.
  • Establish uniformity through sales process mapping. We work with clients to define their sales process and determine the different people or functions that are involved with each stage. We uncover where CRM touches other technologies and systems and when information should be captured. We also establish qualification rules for key steps in your sales process. All of this is then represented on a visual map.
  • Identify ideal reports to help clients make informed and accurate decisions. Data is only as good as your ability to understand it. We work with clients to make sure they are capturing the right information to produce real results.
  • Educate your organization on how to use the CRM system correctly and enable them to discover why it is important in the first place. Using the reports generated, you’ll be able to show your team members that their hard work documenting information and tracking progress makes them more successful down the road and helps benchmark leading indicators.