Establishing a Productive Sales Team by Employing Gratitude

November 12, 2019
Establishing a Productive Sales Team by Employing Gratitude

Are you a sales manager who is struggling to build a productive sales team?

Well, by employing gratitude as a leader, you can actually boost workplace productivity!

Establishing a Productive Sales Team by Employing Gratitude

If you express gratitude as a manager, you increase your team’s will to be productive.

And when people are willing to apply themselves, everything takes a turn for the better – including sales targets, employee retention, and most of all, mood!

Humans have an innate need for recognition. Being recognized, especially by a leader in the workplace, makes employees feel encouraged.

Managers who understand what it’s like to be in the trenches prospecting for leads, setting up phone calls, pitching, quoting, and moving opportunities along are in a great position to show how grateful they are for their team.

Here are some tips on how you can establish a productive sales team by employing gratitude:

Use Gratitude to Motivate Your Team

Salespeople have a lot of head trash. That's because they're used to dealing with radio silence or outright rejection.

But, being recognized by management can help free them from that sea of negativity.

A strong sales leader will identify a person’s strengths and weaknesses and use that information to figure out how best to motivate them. Even something as simple as recognizing a person for identifying more potential leads than usual or handling tough objections can help boost both morale and productivity, even though those specific actions may not lead to a close.

During your next sales meeting, encourage top performers to share best practices. This way, positive statements can also motivate those that may be struggling to reach their sales goals.

As an effective manager, you should also encourage your sales team to express their gratitude to one another.

Remember, the goal is the betterment of the entire team!

Use Gratitude to Establish Accountability

It’s safe to say that we all understand the importance of planning, especially when it comes to sales.

An effective sales rep takes time to plan their day, week, month, quarter, or year.

Comparably, sales managers should create similar plans and help set team goals to achieve desired results.

Once you plan your attack, you’re able to attack your plan.

A good planning method is to time-block your tasks on your calendar. Being diligent and auditing your time is crucial!

Saying you’re going to do something is one thing; holding yourself accountable to getting it done is another.

Here’s where gratitude comes in: a sales rep who knows they will be recognized in a positive manner for being accountable is more likely to stay on top of their plan and hit their goals. Understand that by showing gratitude and praise for things that are seemingly mundane, you ultimately end up increasing productivity!

Use Gratitude for Systematic Processes

Many sales managers are tempted to use their CRM reporting as the sole measure of a sales team’s success.

But, some sales reps don’t necessarily utilize their CRM to the fullest extent.

A CRM is a productive sales rep’s best friend. Taking good notes on all conversations with prospects, opportunities and clients is crucial.

As a sales manager, you need to encourage your team to utilize their CRM. Set aside training time if you need to go over its functions.

Use gratitude by praising those who use it successfully.

Productive sales reps and their managers utilize all tools available to them. They are focused and organized and smash their sales goals while promoting a healthy work environment!

Use Gratitude to Lead by Example

As an effective manager, your goal is to ultimately create an environment in which your sales team knows that you appreciate them.

You also are looking to facilitate an environment where sales reps appreciate each other.

Remember to show gratitude to all members of your team and watch your numbers grow!

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