Elevate Your Spark with Donna Deteau

August 23, 2021
Elevate Your Spark with Donna Deteau

Happy Monday, Let's Talk Sales listeners! This week's guest is Donna Deteau.

Donna is the President and CEO of Elevate Your Spark! where she helps clients get the results and live the life they truly want–but haven't been able to achieve on their own.

A prolific speaker, Donna has founded and run multiple businesses. She's also spent years working and consulting in the nonprofit space.

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Discussion with Donna Deteau

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What it looks like to turn your dreams into a reality
  • How to set BHAGs: Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals
    • The goal should scare you
    • You should have no idea how you will get there
    • The goal should be specific
  • Why you should ask for what you want (and how that's different from what you need)
  • The importance of imagination, will, and reason in sales and career development
  • The value of sharing your goals, especially with your “nifty fifty”

…And more!

Featured on this episode:

The Ultimate Guide to Setting & Achieving Sales Goals
Best Practices for Sales Managers and VPs
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  • Marisa - Reply

    Great episode Elizabeth and Donna! I learned a lot and really enjoyed it 🙂

    • Rylan Sylvester - Reply

      Thanks Marisa!

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