Does Your Remote Sales Force Have the Right Processes in Place?

July 26, 2018
Does Your Remote Sales Force Have the Right Processes in Place?

As the manager of a remote sales force, do you have the right processes in place to ensure that your sales team succeeds?

Peter Drucker said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” It’s important that as managers we’re not only doing things right, but that we’re also doing the right things.

As you manage your remote sales force, I urge you to focus on creating and managing processes that support your team’s efforts.

Creating & Managing Processes for Your Remote Sales Force

It’s time to make sure you have the right processes and systems in place for your remote sales force. At CFS, we have processes in each of the following areas: prospecting, selling, support, system, and team. We call these our five success areas.


You’ll want to develop processes in the following areas of prospecting:

It’s also important to have team members create and execute monthly prospecting action plans. This will allow their daily activities to be driven by specific goals.


In the area of selling, it’s important to have clear processes that are based on your prospect’s needs and concerns.

You’ll want to create and continuously develop processes in the following areas:

  • Opportunity Qualification
  • Value Proposition & Core Strengths
  • Communicating About Your Products & Services
  • Running Selling Meetings
  • Understanding Your Client’s Problems
  • Success Stories
  • Common Objections & Responses
  • Going for No


Do you have other departments that support the sales team or part of the hiring process? Marketing, HR, operations, sales management, and customer service often fall into this category.

You’ll want to make sure you have processes in place in the following support areas:


Since you’re managing a remote sales team, you’ll undoubtedly be using many different technologies and systems. Ensure that people aren’t confused or left hanging by providing specific details and processes for each system or piece of technology that you use.

You’ll want to make sure you have processes for the following systems:

  • CRM
  • Inbound Marketing Platform
  • Sales PlayBook
  • Video Chat Platform
  • Phone/Audio Platforms
  • File Sharing
  • HR/Payroll System
  • Expense Management System


Your team can benefit from processes as well. Make sure your team understands the ways in which they’ll communicate with one another and how you’ll support this.

You’ll want to have processes to support team efforts:

  • Team Building Exercises
  • Advice for Staying Motivated
  • Idea Exchange

This area is also where your forum will come in. Using a forum is a great way to encourage communication and teamwork!

Your Remote Sales Force

Want more tips on managing your remote team? Download our Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Remote Sales Team by clicking here or on the image below.

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