Customer Service Training for Sales: Why Is Important & What to Do

December 27, 2017
Customer Service Training for Sales: Why Is Important & What to Do

So, you’ve trained your customer service department. Now what about customer service training for salespeople?

Most organizations understand just how important great customer service can be. They know that it’s the difference between a repeat customer and a potential reputation crisis if an interaction isn’t handled properly.

But a lot of companies seem to script and stop. They teach the customer service department how to answer the phone and respond with a series of scripts. Yet, when it comes to salespeople, they’re often left in the cold.

Now you might be asking: why does this even matter? My salespeople are here to sell, not service!

Ah, yes. Let’s explore.

Customer Service Training for Salespeople: Why It’s Important

Customer service training isn’t just for customer service: it’s for everyone. Every single person that works in your organization should be involved in customer service training at one point or another.


Because your customers matter. Because great service matters.

If you want to have a great company that continues to grow, you’ve got to have raving fans. And the only way to have raving fans is to be great. And the way to be great? It’s by providing stellar service!

When I think about the places and companies I like to buy from, there’s certainly a common thread. They all have people that are passionate about my experience. They want to make sure that I’m happy. And this was certainly not achieved by having only a great customer service team. No, no, no. It was achieved because every person that I interacted with was dedicated to providing the same level of service.

Customer Service Training for Salespeople: What to Do

Now that we’ve established why customer service matters in sales, let’s explore what you can do to provide customer service training to your team.

As we roll into a new year, here are three ways you can engage your sales team for better customer service.

1. Develop a Customer Service Training Program

That’s right! New year, new you, new idea!

This year, take your sales team to the next level by developing a customer service training program. Have your team meet independent of your weekly sales meetings—say on a quarterly basis—to focus specifically on how they can not only provide great service, but how they can continuously improve in the area of service.

Of course, it’s a good idea to start with scripts for how the team will handle specific situations. These scripts will grow and develop each quarter as the team learns and reflects. Just be sure to add your customer service training program to your Sales PlayBook, along with any scripts for easy access.

2. Use Exercises to Practices

The best way to help your team succeed is to help them feel confident. And the best way to build confidence when it comes to customer service? It’s all about practice!

During your quarterly customer service training, have your team role play various scenarios.

Looking for some customer service exercise ideas? Grab a copy of our Why Customer Service Matters in Sales eBook for a bunch of great ideas!

Free Resource: Why Customer Service Matters in Sales: 4 Ways to Help Your Sales Team Excel

3. Use Your Sales PlayBook as a Customer Success Treasure Trove

Using a digital Sales PlayBook has tons of benefits. And when it comes to customer service training, it’s certainly where your PlayBook will shine.

You might not realize it yet, but your Sales PlayBook is a customer success treasure trove! Why? Well because it’s the perfect place to share success stories with the team. It’s also the perfect place to share what’s not working. And it’s also the spot for scripts!

And if you have a Collavia Sales PlayBook, it’s also the perfect place for your entire team to communicate. Whether a team member wants to know the best way to respond to a prospect’s question, or they simply want to share an idea—using your Sales PlayBook’s forum is a great way to keep conversation (and brainstorming) flowing along the team.

Customer Service is Everyone’s Job

At the end of the day, customer service is everyone’s job. Make it easy by focusing on customer service training for everyone. You’ll be glad you did!

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