Customer Needs: How Change Acts as a Catalyst to Customer Success

January 31, 2018
Customer Needs: How Change Acts as a Catalyst to Customer Success

When it comes to customer needs, are you meeting them? Or, better yet, do you even know what your customers want and need in the first place?

Understanding our customers can be tough and tricky. And just when we think we’ve got our customer needs down, something changes. Suddenly, we’re back to square one.

If you’ve been reading the CFS blog this month, you’ve likely noticed we’ve been writing about change. We found that change can be a sore spot for many organizations, and for people at every step of the career ladder.

And when it comes to customer needs, how we respond to a change is especially important. After all, our customers are the lifeblood of our business. When a change happens—whether that change was planned or random—what we do and say matters.

Customer Needs: How Change Acts as a Catalyst to Customer Success

Change is bound to occur. It’s only natural. Life is a string of change, linked together by the last change. It’s how we respond to change that matters most.

Has your organization ever changed a process? Or increased the price of your product or service? And what about positive changes like utilizing a new technology or developing your own customer-facing app?

Most of us have experienced one, if not all, of the examples above. And when these changes occurred, it was how we presented it to our customers that mattered.

Navigating Customer Needs

I’d like you to think of the most recent change that your company has made. With this new change that’s occurred, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has there been a decline in business since the change took place?
  • Has my team been receiving a higher number of complaints than usual?

If you answered yes to either of this, it’s time to focus on keeping customer needs top of mind.

But of course, let’s not wait until there’s a problem to make a change in the area of customer needs. It’s equally important to get ahead of the curve, especially in this area.

So, let me ask you a question… when was last time you sat down with a client and asked them for feedback?

At CFS, we’re big believers in feedback. And now is the time to ask your clients for feedback! In fact, all the time is the best time to ask your clients for feedback!

You can start the conversation by saying “we thrive on feedback” or “your feedback is important to me” or “we are a feedback organization.” What you say is up to your preference. The goal however remains the same. Your goal is to learn from your clients.

The “Customer Needs” Exercise:

Want to do right by your customers? Use the “customer needs” exercise! It’s on page 14 of our free eBook, Change Ignites Growth: 7 Ways to Use Change as an Opportunity. Click here or on the image below to download a copy. Then, use the exercise during your next sales team meeting to get the team focused on customer needs!

Free Resource: Change Ignites Growth: 7 Ways to Use Change as an Opportunity

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  • Jyoti @MarketJoy - Reply

    Change is the only constant thing in this universe and UX and their feedback are the two extremely important things in any business. If you can’t figure out the needs and pain points of your customers, your business will be doomed. Great points Rebecca, thanks for sharing!

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