Consider This When Hiring a Sales Mentor or Mentoring in Sales

January 1, 2019
Consider This When Hiring a Sales Mentor or Mentoring in Sales

Happy New Year! We here at CFS wish you a happy & healthy 2019!

Now, let's start the year off right by talking about what you should consider when hiring a sales mentor:

Whether you're mentoring someone or are thinking about hiring a sales mentor, you will likely be considering a lot of the same things.

A good place to start when dealing with either is to identify some of the characteristics that a great sales mentor should possess.

Mentoring in sales involves active listening.

An active listener will let you voice any concerns or issues that you may have while actually absorbing what you have to say!

This gives them the chance to analyze and consider the most appropriate solutions for your situation.

A great sales mentor is a great active listener!

Consider hiring a sales mentor who is a subject matter expert.

If you're looking to enhance your knowledge on a specific topic or industry, working with a subject matter expert is key.

However, simply discounting individuals from outside of your industry isn’t recommended as they too can help you broaden your horizons, especially if you’re not necessarily focused on industry-specific learning.

Mentoring in sales involves an exchange of perspectives.

Hiring a sales mentor that offers you a different perspective is key to improving your growth as a sales person.

Comparably, mentoring someone that has a different perspective can be beneficial to you, the mentor, as well.

Ultimately, we learn from our mentors, and they learn from us, so sharing our different perspectives can strengthen our knowledge, collectively.

Bottom Line:

You want to hire a sales mentor that will openly share their wisdom with you.

You also need to set goals in advance and know what you want out of your mentor and the relationship.  This applies the other way around, too!

There are many benefits to be garnered from working with a sales mentor.  Two such key benefits entail new skill development and an increase in sales.

Don't forget that mentors should have mentors too. If you are a mentor yourself, perhaps your mentor can teach you about what works best for them. Sharing best practices is a great way to grow.

Mentoring is a two-way street through which both parties develop and continue to improve their skills.

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