Collaboration Equals Success! Mark Taylor on The Triad and Tribal Leadership

January 21, 2016
Collaboration Equals Success! Mark Taylor on The Triad and Tribal Leadership

Tribal Leadership: The Power of Collaboration

Here at CFS, we are huge fans of Mark Taylor, triads, and tribal leadership. Don’t know Mark? Well, you certainly should!

Mark Taylor is a Manhattan Vistage Chair, CEO Coach, and Leadership Speaker. Our team has had the pleasure of working with Mark and learning from his wisdom—which is why I cannot help but shout Mark's name from the rooftops!

The Triad and Tribal Leadership

As a CEO, VP, or Manager, you have likely had a mentor (or multiple mentors) during the course of your career. Perhaps you are even sitting with your mentor right now.

Mentors come in many shapes and forms: business coaches and consultants, industry experts, business partners, friends, family, etc.

The relationship that you have with your mentor is also likely dichotomous—the two of you meet and discuss your business, goals, hopes and dreams, before diving into an action plan to make it all happen.

But is it really this simple? When your mentor tells you that you’re doing it all wrong, are you receptive? Are you willing to change?

In the first video below, a TEDx Talk called The Enemy of Openness, Mark addresses the above scenario.

“The enemy of openness,” Mark explains, “We think we’re open, but we’re not.”

“Openness is the grand illusion,” Mark points out. “The brain is hardwired for self-justification. Biologists say that we cannot tell perception from hallucination. The only way that we know we’re not delusional is through the feedback of others. But here’s the catch: if it’s just one other person we still don’t know. If I see black and you see white, who’s right?”

So, what’s the solution? As Mark clearly lays out in his TEDx Talk, making use of a triad offers the ability to collaborate without the tension of a dichotomy. The triad allows for input and growth.

Tribal Leadership

Mark takes the concept of triad collaboration a step further with tribal leadership. He believes that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Meaning: you can have the best strategy in the world, but without strong culture and strong team bonds, what good is it?

Tribal Leadership, a book written by Dave Logan with theories practiced by Mark Taylor, is all about the power of the team. Every organization is a tribe—it’s all about harnessing the power of your tribe through effective collaboration, communication, and leadership.

What is Mark’s Criteria for Success?

As huge fans of Mark Taylor and followers of tribal leadership, we were thrilled when he agreed to share his criteria for success with us!

What are your thoughts on triads and tribal leadership? Is your team collaborating for success? Comment below and share your thoughts!
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      Thank you for all your wisdom, Mark! We appreciate you!

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