Coaching Salespeople: Here’s the #1 Obstacle for Sellers

December 18, 2019
Coaching Salespeople: Here’s the #1 Obstacle for Sellers

When it comes to coaching salespeople, it’s important to understand the obstacles that stand in their way.

Many salespeople struggle with the following:

  • Poor (or no) prospecting process
  • Difficulty asking prospects the right questions
  • No process for following up after a meeting
  • Lack of support from their sales team (not sharing best practices)

Selling is a clever combination of strategy, planning, process, and technique. But all of the points above contribute to making salespeople feel disempowered or helpless.

And speaking of which, the number one obstacle salespeople face is: head trash.

What is Head Trash?

Here is what our CEO,  Charles Bernard has to say about head trash:


Charles: We squash this. Anyone know what this is called?

Audience: Head trash.

Charles: Head trash. We call that head trash. You know people say to me, “you know you’ve been talking to a lot of salespeople, right? What do you think the number one obstacle is for salespeople to overcome?’

It’s not rejection or hard work – it's head trash!

It’s what you think about what you’re doing.

So, we have this philosophy that says if you listen to all that stuff, it will stop you. You can have it, we all have it. It’s that little voice in our head.

Right now it's saying “what little voice?” That little voice.

So that little voice is going, “I’m not good enough.”

Studies have shown that voice is predominately negative, critical.

The thing to do is to not act from your head trash. It’s to have head trash, not to listen to it. Not to act from it. It’s to have it.

“Oh, I kind of suck right now.” Okay, I get that, it’s my head trash. But, what I do matters more than what I say. So what you say is really not important, it’s what you do!

Coaching Salespeople: Getting Rid of Head Trash

Now you know: head trash is the #1 obstacle for sellers.

But how can sales management go about coaching salespeople out of their head trash?

1. Recognize Your Head Trash

They say that the first step to recovery is recognizing the problem.

Encourage your salespeople to be honest about how they feel. What's truly on their mind? What is the source of their doubt?

Then, remind them that we all have and struggle with head trash. Everyone has that little negative voice in their head.

2. Take Accountability

Encourage your sales team to take accountability for their head trash.

But, what does this mean?

Have your salespeople come to you or pair them with another team member to help keep their head trash in check.

Help your salespeople succeed by flipping negatives into positives.

3. Prevent It

Did you know that you can actually help prevent head trash for your salespeople?

Well, certainly not “I’m having a bad hair day” or “I hate my outfit.” But, you can help with head trash that’s associated with the sales process.

If your salespeople encounter a lot of pushbacks and objections from clients—be proactive. Create a foolproof process for handling pushbacks and objections.

If they're feeling unmotivated because the leads they’re working with rarely convert to customers—be proactive. Create a process for prospecting that provides them with the best possible leads.

In all you do, be aware. Head trash can make or break a salesperson. Don’t let it. Coaching salespeople to overcome head trash will help you strengthen your team and discover success.

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  • Barry Hall - Reply

    Don’t be shy, negative or rash, or a salesman ready to crash, just get rid of that HEAD TRASH.
    As usual great post. Many thanks -Barry.

    • Rebecca Smith - Reply

      Love the comment, Barry! Thanks for reading!

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