Business Focus: The Greatest Gift To Give

January 13, 2014
Business Focus: The Greatest Gift To Give

When thinking about business focus, it is important to remember how it slips away.  Thinking about your day as a whole, or panicking over a busy schedule can often lead to an absent state in the office.

Read on to learn how a lack of business focus can affect you, and how you could try to regain control.


For those of you who saw the movie “Click,” the protagonist had what looked like a TV remote that he used to pause, rewind and fast-forward any moment in his life. Think of it like a celestial DVR. Who wouldn't want a remote to skip over the mundane parts of life?

Back to reality: Opening up my Outlook calendar and looking at my day is like playing a colorful game of Tetris, where all of my blocks are stacked nearly to the top of my screen. In other words, I wish I had 10 minutes to grab a cup of coffee today. If you are like me, halfway through your first meeting your mind will start wandering to everything else you have to get done in the day.

Business Focus is Active Focus

This isn't necessarily a question of time management. It's an exercise in being focused and present while completing the task at hand.

It's easy to let our thoughts drift to all that needs to be done, especially when we let the head trash take over and we feel the looming presence of the clock ticking. Oftentimes this leads to rushed meetings, sloppy paperwork and the feeling you didn't accomplish everything you set out to. In other words, your mind is in the future while you are trying to be effective in the present.

So what is the best way to stay present and be effective?

Like baking the perfect cake, it is all in the preparation. How prepared am I for every event on my calendar? Do I have templates set up for my reports, outlines written for my paperwork and talking points for my meetings? Like most, I have a good portion of this done but then I sometimes rely on my ability to think on my feet to fill in the gaps. As a result, I am dooming myself before I have even begun.

I glanced at my calendar again and this time I decided to reschedule some of my events. I wanted to take the time to prepare for everything I needed to accomplish by the close of the year. More importantly, I wanted to make sure I was present in the moment, especially during one-on-one meetings with my team. They deserve my full attention and I need to provide them with the guidance they need to be successful in 2014.

So there you have it. No magical remote to rewind, pause, and slow down time. Once I accepted I couldn't squeeze everything in a short period of time and still be effective, I started becoming more present. I realized that there is a tremendous difference in the results you can achieve when you are.

What are some of the techniques you use to seize the moment and utilize your business focus?

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