Business Advice from a Seasoned Sales VP

February 16, 2017
Business Advice from a Seasoned Sales VP

As a sales manager, you’ve likely discovered that business advice is not hard to come by.

The value of that business advice, however, is a whole other ballgame. Some advice stinks, some is great. Some sticks, some doesn’t.

Here at CFS, we are practitioners of discovery-based learning. This means that we’re always open to learning something new. From any person, any source, any place, any time! After all, everyone has something to teach and something to learn.

Business Advice from a Seasoned Sales VP

I recently came across a gem of business advice that I immediately knew needed to be shared with the world. It comes from Tali Gallo, a seasoned VP of Sales at Solutions Bridal Designer House.

Now, to give you a brief context… Tali and I met six years ago when my sister was shopping for her wedding gown. Tali (and her salon) emanated like a bright light in the middle of a dark room. She was bubbly, sweet, and extremely knowledgeable.

But what really stood out to me was the way that she, along with her team, functioned in her salon.

It became clear quickly that Solutions Bridal wasn’t like the other stores in the area. The staff members were much, much more than people who simply “went to work” and waited for something to happen. Tali and her staff were problem solvers, they were innovative thinkers, and best of all, they were real human beings that genuinely cared about other human beings.

Tali and her team built something that is extremely difficult to do: they created an experience. And the beauty of wonderful, positive experiences is that they last a lifetime.

Tali’s Business Advice

Here are Tali’s beautiful gems of wisdom. If you’re a sales manager or work in sales, I hope you discover a nugget to take with you!

The business advice below was written by Tali Gallo.

I'm not a ‘grasses greener on the other side’ kind of lady. I water my grass everyday and it is pretty green. You should see it! This year will be my 13th year working at Solutions Bridal Designer House. This is what I have learned in 12 years.

Gem #1.

Mastery takes a decade or more. Still growing over here.

Gem #2.

Your boss can be your most trusted mentor if you can build an open, honest relationship early on. Thanks, Newell Fox. Those that really take the time to know you describe you as caring, a great leader, innovative, and a family man.

Gem #3.

Don't leave when you know the next person you work for won't compare to your current boss.

Gem #4.

Don't leave because you want to own your own business for pride. Pride is the wrong reason to start a business.

Owning your own business can mean payroll taxes, independent insurance, endless meetings with a CPA. No thank you. I appreciate those that have sacrificed to start their own business. You are a hero.

Gem #5.

You will get a bad review. It will crush you. You will be devastated. You will think about that exact review for years. And then you will grow and understand what it means.

Gem #6.

There is about one customer a year that you cannot make happy no matter what. I'm still learning this one.

Gem #7.

Cliche, but one of the most valuable lessons. Hire slow, fire quick. A bad employee is a liability and disservice to our clients.

Gem #8.

Mistakes happen. My most valuable clients are the ones that I corrected a mistake for and won them over. You impress people by handling mistakes the right way. There is no better time to wow.

Gem #9.

Some clients can be a challenge, but they are the reason our doors are open and the reason I can support my family. Without them I won't make it. I am always thankful! And a good challenge is always fun.

Gem #10.

My team is everything. I have to wow them too!

Gem #11.

Work is not always fun. Sometimes it's stressful, exhausting, overwhelming, and impossible. The reward of seeing a bride look in the mirror with an expression of ” I look good!” will always be worth it. Focus on the why during times of uncertainty

Gem #12.

This is my life's work. No doubt.

What nuggets of wisdom did you discover from Tali? Share in the comments below, we'd love to hear more!

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