Building Long-Term Success with Ivy Menchel

February 14, 2023
Building Long-Term Success with Ivy Menchel

I was so excited to speak with Ivy Menchel for this episode of Let's Talk Sales!

Ivy is a Family and Business Wealth Advisor at Capital Management Group, providing confidence and financial independence for individuals and families facing life-changing events. 

She authored the workbook “Define Your Wealth” and co-authored the e-book “Navigating Your Divorce: Legal, Financial and Emotional Basics.”

She's incredibly well-networked here in NYC and is a member of a number of associations and forums. We hope you enjoy this episode!

Discussion with Ivy Menchel:

In this episode, we tackle:

  • How Ivy's background in psychology impacts her work in wealth management
  • Ivy's core principles for business development: listen, service, and build relationships
  • What trends Ivy has been keeping an eye on
  • Opportunities that have arisen for many people over the past few years

…And so much more!

Featured on this episode:

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