Why Representation Matters with Chantel George

February 22, 2021
Why Representation Matters with Chantel George

Happy Monday, Let's Talk Sales listeners! In honor of Black History Month, we have decided to re-release an episode that aired last April with featured guest Chantel George.

Chantel George is the founder of Sistas in Sales, the first and only community for women of color sales professionals to network, advance their careers, and find sisterhood. In this episode, we hear from Chantel about her extensive sales and leadership experience, and discuss why representation matters and what sales leaders can do to change sales organizations for the better.

This was a great conversation, and we were so happy to have Chantel George as our guest. We hope you enjoy the episode!

Interview with Chantel George

Highlighted topics from the episode:

  • Challenges in sales
  • Effective networking and community building
  • Innovation in sales and leadership
  • Establishing valuable relationships
  • Broadening your perspective

Featured on this Episode:

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