Boost Sales by Emulating The Best of the Best

October 6, 2016
Boost Sales by Emulating The Best of the Best

When strategizing how to boost sales, it’s important to remember that success in any form doesn’t come without hours of tireless work. Especially success in sales.

So how do you differentiate yourself in the highly competitive marketplace of salespeople? How do you stand out from the pack?

Here are some sales tips to boost sales from some of the industry’s greatest.

Boost Sales through Best Practices of Industry Leaders

Mark Cuban On Work Ethic:

I still work hard to know my business. I'm continuously looking for ways to improve all my companies, and I'm always selling. Always.”

Sales is not always a 9-5 job. Selling opportunities exist outside of the office.

Putting in the extra work to know your business and product/service like the back of your hand guarantees you will be prepared to succeed when any opportunity arises. You never know whom you are going to meet, or whom someone you meet may be able to introduce you to.

Erica Feidner on Not Giving up:

Erica Feidner holds the world record in piano sales, selling over $40 million worth of these expensive, and niche goods. Believe it or not, a total of 5 follow-up calls are required to close 80% of sales after a meeting while 44% of salespeople give up after just one.

The lesson here: don’t give up when the buyer seems unresponsive.

Erica Feidner on Selling What You Love:

Feidner is famous for selling pianos to people who didn’t even know how to play them. According to The New Yorker, “It is not unusual for Feidner’s customers to describe her as a force of nature. This is not because they feel pressured by her but because after they meet her many soon find themselves in the grip of musical ambitions they never knew they harbored.”

We have all heard it plenty of times: when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. As cliché as we might think this statement is, buyers can tell when you are passionate about something.

Think of it this way: have you ever bought a product after a friend swore by it? Their genuine passion in the product swayed you to go out and buy with the hopes that you'll have the same experience.

Think about how easy it is to sell something that you are extremely passionate about. Find your niche and try to sell within that market.

Mary Kay Ash and Expanding Your Network:

Mary Kay Ash is the woman behind Mary Kay cosmetics, and the creator of what is now known as multi-level marketing. She figured since people are more likely to buy from their friends, she could build her business on people throwing parties where they sold her product.

To go above and beyond as a salesperson, host small networking events for you and your friends to get to know one another and possibly develop a professional relationship. By hosting small gatherings, not only do you expand your network to possible prospects, but to people who would be willing to refer you as well.

Boost Sales…

Ultimately, these people became the best of the best through hard work, determination, and perseverance. You won’t boost sales by memorizing a pitch and making a few calls a day, you will boost sales by making an impact on your buyers and prospects.

Do you have any other ideas on how to boost sales? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Richard Benchimol - Reply

    What a great article, thank you. Going that extra mile does count for so much. Also, appreciate your comment on being passionate about what one does. Belief comes from within, that way you are guaranteed to show it on the outside.
    Richard Benchimol

  • Barry Hall - Reply

    Great post Arianna, keep up the great work. – Barry.

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