American Idol & the Benefits of Self-Awareness

March 7, 2019
American Idol & the Benefits of Self-Awareness

So how does American Idol demonstrate the benefits of self-awareness?

Think back to the spring of 2007. The tech bubble was booming, everything was going global, and the most popular show on US television was American Idol.

Did you watch the show?

Maybe you were one of those people in it for the journey, tuning in each week to discover who would make it to the next round.

But more likely, your favorite part was those initial audition rounds. There were the ones where you’d hear amazing performances from steelworkers, accountants, and daycare workers. And there were ones where people would show up in front of the judges with all the confidence in the world and never seem to hit a single note.

I suffer from second-hand embarrassment a little too easily, so I tended to find those auditions excruciating. How could these people not know they’re not good enough?

I know there was a lot happening behind the scenes, and producers certainly amped up the drama and set people up to look ridiculous. But we’ve all seen people, in business and in life, with that same kind of confidence, fully believing they can do something without demonstrating the skills they would need.

We’ve seen people with low self-awareness damage their careers, their relationships, and even their own mental health.

This demonstrates some of the key benefits of self-awareness. It’s crucial for both our own performance and our relationships with others.

How Self-Awareness Helps You

When we have self-awareness, we see ourselves clearly – both the good and the bad. We likely have a good idea of how others perceive us, and we know where we fit in the world.

If you have a strong sense of self-awareness, you’re better positioned to put yourself in roles and situations where your strengths will shine and your weaknesses won’t cause many problems. You’re likely to recognize the contributions you make. This provides a sense of confidence and strength that actually produces better results.

Dr. Tasha Eurich is an organizational psychologist who researches people with high levels of self-awareness. She found that they were more creative and confident than people without the same level of self-awareness. They achieved greater career success and were more effective leaders.

Improving your own self-awareness will help you learn and grow.

How Self-Awareness Helps Your Relationships

While self-awareness is important for your own personal growth and success, it’s also a key component to growing successful relationships, in business and in life.

When you have a high sense of self-awareness, it’s easier to be your authentic self. You know what you bring to the table, and you know what you lack. This can help you envision problems that could arise, one of the key benefits of self-awareness.

This enables you to work more effectively with others. You can tell colleagues where you’ll be able to best contribute, and you can establish safeguards to avoid your common pitfalls.

Having a clear self-awareness can help you avoid conflict and misunderstandings. You’ll have a better understanding of which people you are likely to get along with easily and which people might be more challenging. You may even understand why some relationships tend to be more difficult and develop approaches to make things easier.

As a sales growth company, we are committed to helping salespeople enable buying. In order to do this, you need to be able to develop effective relationships with different kinds of buyers. And self-awareness is a foundational skill.

Want to learn more about the benefits of self-awareness?

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