Advice to Executives: Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter!

May 10, 2016
Advice to Executives: Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter!

Question for executives (and everyone else!):

What might happen if you were no longer disempowered by head trash?

This is an interesting question.

The moment I ask the question, I am no longer my head trash. It can’t be any other way.

The “I” that is asking is separate from head trash, although I venture to say that until I catch myself, I believe that “I am my head trash!”

Now, to be clear, I’m not talking about ALL my thoughts.

I’m answering the question that relates to the “trashy” thoughts. You know, just the negative thoughts—the ones that disempower us as executives.

It occurred to me just now, that another way of asking the question could be, “What might happen when I no longer empower head trash?”

A similar thing occurs: I am still not my head trash.

Advice to Executives: Head Trash Philosophy

I’ve read a lot about the nature of head trash, what is does to us, how to supplant it with positive thoughts, etc, etc.

The problem I have with this information is that it doesn’t alter my relationship to head trash.

It’s only when I discover and continue to rediscover that I am not my head trash that I have the power to choose what to do about it.

Tossing the Head Trash

As far as I know, the best way for me to disempower my head trash or not be disempowered by it is to, as The Beatles said, “let it be.” That’s a reference most of us old baby-boomers would get right away!

Did that sound like head trash?

I say to myself something like, “Oh! That’s head trash,” or “that’s my head trash.”

Notice the subtle difference by incorporating the word “my” in that last sentence?

It can be very personal. So can my fingernail. But my fingernail doesn’t disempower me. Interesting, huh?

One of my favorite expressions that I’ve used in many training events on this topic is: “thank you mind for sharing.”

This relates to equating head trash with my mind.

Here’s an example of its use:

“Oh, I shouldn’t do this thing or that thing because life stinks, I stink, everything stinks… oops… thank you mind for sharing, and this is what I am doing anyway.”

In this last example, I’m taking action despite of or in spite of head trash.

Want to get your mind out of the gutter and out of the head trash? Play with different mental scenarios, experiment on your own—just give it a shot.

What have you got to lose? Maybe some head trash?

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