9 Questions for Sales Managers in the New Year

December 30, 2014
9 Questions for Sales Managers in the New Year

It's hard to believe we're about to start a new year!

Here are 9 questions for sales managers to ask themselves (or for executives to ask their sales managers) as the new sales year begins.

1. Have we set the right goal for 2015?

The beginning of the year is a great time for a quick gut check. You may have set your goal last week or last quarter. Take a moment to really think – is it the right goal? Too high and both you and your team know you'll never achieve it. Too low and your team won't stretch themselves.

2. Is the team aligned behind the goal?

Once you're sure you've set the right goal, make sure your team is fully committed to achieving it. Each member of the team should know his or her individual role and how that contributes to the overall team goal.

3. Do we have the right team in place?

Is your existing team enough to hit your goal? If not, why? Do you need to replace any team members or hire new ones? Get to work quickly on building the team you will need.

4. Is my sales process working?

Regardless of when you developed your sales process, you should review it on a regular basis and update it where necessary. The new year is a great opportunity for this review.

5. How's my management?

Take a look at yourself. Are you effectively supporting and leading your team? Your key role as a sales manager is to develop your team and lead them to achieve your goals. Have you implemented the right management process to make this happen?

6. Is my sales training program working?

How do you train new hires? What ongoing training do you provide to existing team members? Are there any changes you'd like to make to your training program?

7. Where are my leads coming from?

You'll never hit your sales goal if your lead pipeline dries up. Documenting your key lead sources is important, and you should update the list on a regular basis. Where are you getting the most leads? Are you getting enough or will you need to pick up the pace?

8. How's my marketing?

One of the most important relationships in any organization is the relationship between marketing and sales. Marketing helps clarify your message and push it out to your audience. Are you and your team working well with marketing? Are they aligned with your prospects' needs?

9. How's my offering?

This may be listed last, but it's the most important. Take the opportunity as the new year begins to evaluate your offering. Does it still add value? Is the value clearly communicated? Is your pricing in line with market expectations?

The new year is about to start, and this is a great opportunity to start it off right. What questions will you ask yourself as you start the new year? Share your ideas in the comments!

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