5 Work-Life Balance Tips for Sales Professionals to Increase Productivity

June 7, 2018
5 Work-Life Balance Tips for Sales Professionals to Increase Productivity

Looking for some work-life balance tips for sales that will increase your productivity? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

As a sales leader or salesperson, time is precious. You’ve got prospecting and selling activities, relationship building and networking events (for starters). Then of course there’s follow-up and the thousands of emails you’ve got to deal with every day. And somewhere along the line, you’ve got to get some deals closed too!

If your day is anything like mine, it’s a mad sprint from start to finish. And those non-stop busy days can cause a lot of havoc on our bodies—both mentally and physically. That’s why today I’m focusing on sharing some simple work-life balance tips for sales professionals that promote positive productivity.

Let’s explore this together.

5 Work-Life Balance Tips for Sales Professionals to Increase Productivity

Finding balance in our professional and personal lives isn’t easy. Especially in sales. Most of us know that sales is driven by behavior. The more action we take, the more likely we are to succeed. But that doesn’t mean we should work our lives away.

Tip #1: Make Sleep a Priority

Did you know that adequate sleep will make you better at your job?

Here are some of the benefits of getting enough sleep according to

  • You’ll recover from distractions faster
  • You’ll help prevent burnout
  • You will make better decisions
  • Your memory will improve
  • You’ll make fewer mistakes

Tip #2: Make your health a priority.

If you’re feeling stressed, tired, or uninspired—take a quick step back. How are you treating your body? Are you fueling it?

Here are some of the benefits of making your health a priority:

  • Eating a healthy diet increases energy
  • Taking a lunch break boosts afternoon productivity
  • Staying hydrated keeps headaches away & helps with concentration
  • Exercising regularly curbs anxiety, stress, & depression

Want more details on these benefits? Check out this great article from the Washington Post.

Tip #3: Take breaks.

It might seem counterintuitive, but taking breaks is beneficial to your physical and mental health.

And just to clarify: I’m not talking about a “smoke” break! That doesn’t count! In fact, I’d argue it’ll do the opposite of what you’re aiming for. So, don’t smoke. But do take breaks! Got a fitness tracker? Set it to remind you to get up and do those 250 steps every hour.

Here’s why taking breaks will benefit you:

  • You’ll have a chance to refocus on your work
  • Your creativity will get a boost
  • You’ll prevent eye strain & body aches
  • You’ll lower stress by allowing decompression

Not convinced yet? Check out the article, 6 Benefits of Taking Breaks at Work (Plus 6 Ways to Do It Right).

Tip #4: Manage your time.

Being on top of your calendar is key to a healthy work-life balance. Manage your time, and you’ll ensure your work tasks get done during work hours. “Go with the flow” and you’ll find yourself replying to emails at 10pm.

Here are a few quick work-life balance tips for sales that will help you stay on track:

  • Create weekly goals and you’ll establish a vision
  • Calendar your goals into time blocks and you’ll get more done
  • Cross your accomplishments off and you’ll reduce stress

Time Management: How to Time Block in 5 Simple Steps

Tip #5: Don’t forget to laugh!

This might seem silly, but laughing is good for your health! Most of us (hopefully!) spend some time laughing with family and friends on the weekend. But what about during your day? Do you have a healthy laugh or ten with your co-workers each day?

Here are some of the benefits of laughter:

  • You’ll reduce stress hormones
  • You’ll boost your immune system
  • Your memory will improve
  • You’ll improve your mood & happiness levels
  • You’ll promote creativity

And that’s just for starters! For five more benefits, check out this article.

Ready to take on the world? Great! Want to print these tips out to help you stay on track? Click here on the image below to grab our Work-Life Balance Infographic!

5 Work-Life Balance Tips to Increase Productivity - Infographic

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