5 Ways to Boost Sales Team Morale

May 2, 2019
5 Ways to Boost Sales Team Morale

Looking to boost sales morale? You're in the right place!

In today’s very competitive economy, it is imperative to maintain positive team morale. Not only does it help your bottom line, but it also increases productivity, aids with employee retention and will help attract the right talent to your organization.

Top producing sales professionals have multiple companies to choose from. And let's be honest, it's not fun going to work in a culture filled with “Debbie Downers” and others who bring down the team's morale.

5 Ways to Boost Sales Team Morale

1. Encourage Creative Thinking

Give your employees the opportunity to think outside of the box and not be pigeon-holed. This allows them the autonomy and creativity to express themselves in an entirely new light.

Repeating the same pitch time after time can get mundane and boring. Knowing that management trusts and encourages creativity and trying different approaches will keep the workflow fresh and exciting.

Motivating Your Sales Team

2. Food

Sharing a meal with friends and family has been a tradition going back to the beginning of Time. Food brings people together and provides a mechanism to collaborate and an opportunity to connect with co-workers.

Plus, who doesn't love #PizzaFridays?

3. Team Building

Having the opportunity to connect with co-workers outside the office allows for personal bonding. If you want to boost morale, this definitely helps.

Cooking classes, bowling, community service events, and escape rooms to name just a few, encourage employees to engage and have some fun.

Bonus: if your company has an Instagram account or other publicly shared social media channel you can showcase your team outing and use it as a marketing tool.

4. Power of Positivity

Being happy and radiating positivity is infectious and encourages others to do the same. It is imperative to provide positive feedback and reward hard work.

Setting up quarterly sales goals and rewarding successful outcomes with monetary bonuses or with paid time off will encourage worker productivity.

5. Ask for Feedback

We are often stronger, more productive and achieve more as part of a team than we do as individuals.

Creating a culture of openness gives employees permission to participate in positive change. Eliciting feedback on an ongoing basis, and taking action based on that feedback will encourage trust and foster positive relationships between management and employees.

So, what do you think? While there are numerous ideas for boosting morale in sales teams, these should get you thinking: ‘How can I motivate my sales force?’

Have any other tips to boost sales team morale? Let us know in the comments!

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This post was written by Erica Seitzman. Erica writes about HR, Management, and general sales best practices.

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  • Vicky Peat - Reply

    A good list of ways to boost morale, pizza and positivity are great ways to build working relationships and project good vibes.

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