5 Tips for Managing Different Personalities on Your Sales Team

October 2, 2018
5 Tips for Managing Different Personalities on Your Sales Team

Being a sales manager isn’t easy, and this is especially true when you’re managing different personalities on the same team.

In a perfect world, sales reps would be paired with managers who understand their personality types perfectly. Managers with outgoing personalities would be paired with likeminded sales reps, and vice versa.

Since you’re reading this blog post, I’m going to assume that you don’t live in this sales management utopia mentioned above. Instead, you’re probably working tirelessly and managing different personalities on the same team.

For you, it’s not about just making sure you can see eye-to-eye with team members. It’s also making sure that they are able to work amongst one another without any clashing.

So, what do you do if you’re tasked with managing different personalities on the same team?

Let’s get to it!

5 Tips for Managing Different Personalities on Your Sales Team

1. Understand your own personality first.

Believe it or not, you may be unaware of how you come off to your sales team. I’m not saying you’re a heartless tyrant that is unknowingly resented by every member of your team. I’m just saying that there is a chance that you don’t realize all of your personality traits in their entirety.

An example of this could be how you give feedback. Are you curt and to the point? You may see this as time-saving and effective, but to sales reps, it may come off as demeaning and impersonal.

Remember, management starts with you, the manager, as the pillar. You need to understand yourself before you can truly understand others.

2. Have your team take DISC assessments.

DISC assessments are really your best friend if you’re managing different personalities. They’re basically a cheat sheet for you to be the best manager you can be to each individual on your team.

Sounds pretty great, right? That’s because it is!

Let’s talk about that perfect world I brought up earlier. In that world, Sales Managers use DISC assessments in the hiring process. This way, they can make sure the candidate will be a good personality fit on the team, or they can place them on a team where they will fit best.

If you are working backwards – that is more than okay! DISC assessments are helpful after hiring, too. Want to learn more? Click here or the image below.

Success Insights Snapshot Behavioral Assessments by Criteria for Success

3. Mix personality-driven activities into meetings

One of the best ways to get your team conscious about the fact that everyone is operating with different personalities is to do it regularly. This means planning activities in regular sales team meetings.

One activity can be role-practicing between two very different personality types. Either pair up members with different styles (if you’ve taken DISC assessments) or have team members role play different types of buyers.

For example, if your team members have taken DISC assessments, you could pair up someone who is very High Dominance with someone who is very High Compliance. If you haven’t taken DISC assessments, pair up two people. Have one of the people play a prospect that has a completely different personality type than the other team member. For example, have one team member role play a very guarded, and quiet prospect if the person playing the sales person is more outgoing.

Not only will this show your team members how to use their own personalities, it will show you how to manage them. You will see where they are struggling and you will see where you can improve as well.

One huge point of this article is that as humans, we tend to think that everyone we communicate with understands our personality. If we are outgoing and bubbly, we believe that everyone enjoys talking with people who are that way. If we are calm, cool, and collected, we believe that other people respect us for it.

The case of the matter is, if someone doesn’t know you, they won’t understand your personality. You shouldn’t manage everyone on your sales team the same way just as you wouldn’t talk to all prospects the same way.

You know the ones that you can be more open and humorous with. And you know the prospects that just mean business.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to start effectively managing different personalities on your sales team?

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