5 Remote Team Building Ideas To Bring Your Team Together

July 10, 2018
5 Remote Team Building Ideas To Bring Your Team Together

Creating a strong culture within a remote team can be hard. That’s why it’s so important to have creative remote team building ideas that establish lasting impressions.

If you manage a remote team, the relationships your employees have with each other are very choppy. Everyone is probably familiar with one another from off-sites and virtual meetings, but there’s something missing.

When you’re in an office with the same people every day, you end up seeing them more than a lot of your family and friends. Your coworkers become an integral part of your every day. For remote employees, the conditions are very different.

But it’s all the same in the sense that the best companies are the ones with the happiest and most connected employees.

That’s why we’ve created this list of 5 creative remote team building ideas to bring the team together.

1. Add “segments” to your reoccurring meetings:

Here at CFS, we’re constantly looking to improve our podcast. We have recently started trying to brainstorm new segments to add to our podcast, Let’s Talk Sales! The goal is that they will add some more humor and make each episode relate to one another. You can do this with your remote sales team meetings. These segments should be reoccurring and with the intent to bring some life to meetings and work in general.

Think of what makes the industry your team sells in interesting. Are your clients and prospects in innovative spaces? Do your sales reps have any good stories to tell?

It’s also an opportunity to turn what would be an annoying part of the job into something funny. If your sales reps are road warriors, have a competition of used the least amount of gas this week. Or, what was the weirdest decoration a rep saw in a new office?

At the end of the day, it’s all about bringing your reps back to a common ground that they can all relate to. And while they are on the road or at home hundreds of miles away from one another, they are all connected by the segments in your meetings!

2. #WFH perks:

If you didn’t assume, WFH stands for “work from home.” If you were to look up the hashtag #WFH on social media, you’d see tons of posts of people with their kids, their pets, or a comfy couch. There’s so many perks from being a remote employee, and this will help your team remember them!

Have your reps tag their social posts with #WFH and your company’s profile, and post the best picture each week! Encourage your reps to post and boast about where they are from. They can share fun facts and tid-bits. It’s also a great chance for your company to share employee submissions on social media.

3. Virtual holiday parties:

Let’s face it – we all have a love hate relationship with company holiday parties. They’re a great way for any team to make memories and become closer. But for virtual teams, it’s tough to have the same comradarie. Sure, you could offer an offsite for the highest performing reps during the holidays, but it’s not the same as drinking egg-nog out of plastic cups in your office.

Have things like gingerbread house or pumpkin carving contests and have remote employees judge which one is best.

This way, your team members get in the holiday spirit together!

4. Welcome to my crib:

This idea is a spin-off of the MTV Show, “Welcome to My Crib.” If you’re not familiar, the show brought viewers into the homes of some of the world’s most famous celebrities. This fun spinoff works well if you have different office locations. Remote team members can get a peek inside where others are working while other members can see the different offices.

You can also have remote employees show their home offices if they are comfortable!

5. Flat Stanley:

Make your company’s version of Flat Stanley. For those that don’t know, the Flat Stanley Project is an educational project that started in the 1990’s to promote kids learning about different cultures and places. The children would cut out their own Flat Stanley and take a picture of him wherever they were.

Do you have a mascot that represents your company? If not – use anything. You can pin your company’s logo on a stuffed animal or have any quirky mascot you can think of!

Have your remote employees take creative shots of your mascot across the country – or world. It adds to the fun if you mail the same mascot from rep to rep. This way, each person knows when it’s their turn to contribute to the travels of your “Stanley.”

Remember, having a remote team doesn’t mean that your employees need to be strangers. These remote team building ideas are intended to bring your team together and have them excited to be working along side one another.

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    Yes, team building is a must today whether your in a typical office or in a remote team.

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