5 Must-Read Emotional Intelligence Books

March 27, 2019
5 Must-Read Emotional Intelligence Books

We’ve been talking and writing a lot about self-awareness on the CFS Blog this month – but did you know that increased levels of self-awareness are a result of improved emotional intelligence?

Indeed, let’s shift our focus from IQ to EQ – your Emotional Quotient, which is just as important for fostering better relationships, collaborating with others, and further progressing in your career (if not more so) than IQ!

And, there’s plenty of material one can sift through on their quest to learn more about improving emotional intelligence.

5 Must-Read Emotional Intelligence Books

For your convenience, here are 5 must-read & CFS approved emotional intelligence books that are guaranteed to inform and inspire!

1. On Emotional Intelligence – Harvard Business Review

A great starting point, HBR’s book features articles from some of the leading thinkers on emotional intelligence.

You’ll get a taste of some of the research out there and what you can do to start building your EQ today!

2. Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More than IQ – Daniel Goleman

In his book, Daniel Goleman discusses the differences between IQ and EQ, suggesting that honest self-improvement can’t really be achieved without improving one's EQ.

He offers ideas and strategies that are proven to lead you to fostering better relationships, noticing a change in your work performance, and assisting you on your path towards improved self-awareness.

3. The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success – Steve J. Stein & Howard E. Book

If you'd like to re-focus on how you could improve your performance, The EQ Edge is sure to teach you how to take your life by the reins and improve your overall productivity.

For those of you interested in nurturing your leadership skills – this is the book for you!

4. The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change – Stephen R. Covey

A classic book for all future leaders!

Although not specifically focused on emotional intelligence, this will help you increase your self-awareness by tapping into your emotions and learning how to control them.

5. Wired to Care: How Companies Prosper when they Create Widespread Empathy – Dev Patnaik & Peter Mortensen

A fantastic read written by business strategists on how organizations improve their company culture and nurture their growth when they’re able to foster empathy within their company (and express that to the outside world).

A great read for business owners!

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