5 Innovative Sales Training Methods for Long-Term Success

July 31, 2019
5 Innovative Sales Training Methods for Long-Term Success

Looking to conduct innovative sales training? Read on!

As a sales leader, you know that the excitement of sales training tends to trickle off after a month or so. Why is this? Well, just like sales training, selling must be dynamic!

The same pitch that worked on one prospect won’t necessarily work on another. Similarly, your business is always changing. Sales reps come and go. New clients are onboarded while old ones may cut ties.

The landscape of your business is changing with the tides, as should your sales training.

In this article, you’re going to learn key tools to turn regular sales training into innovative sales training.

So, how can you implement innovative sales training that creates long-term success? Read on to learn.

5 Innovative Sales Training Methods for Long-Term Success

1. Sales Growth Team

The most important thing that a leader can ask for in terms of sales training is buy in. Specifically, buy in from your sales reps. Without it, the chances that the teachings from the program stick are very minimal.

That’s why we recommend implementing a Sales Growth Team. In fact, it’s one of the most important parts in our Sales Growth Programs. The Sales Growth Team will be made up of varying levels of sales reps as well as people in functions that support sales. This way, everyone is tied to a common goal and they act as evangelists for the program.

They will also hold your team accountable to upholding what was taught in the trainings. Whether this be in weekly team meetings, or whatever you may decide, it’s important that the members of this team promote your innovative sales training program.

2. Accountability Triads

If you haven’t heard, triads create accountability. As human beings, we are a lot less likely to blow something off knowing we are being held accountable by two people.

Think about it, if you have to meet with your partner, it’s a lot easier to reschedule than meeting with two partners.

Now, how do you use the power of the triad to create long term success? Well, you create a specific structure as well as expectations for each triad.

For example, answer these questions for your triad members:

  • What is the purpose of my triad?
  • How often should my triad meet?
  • What should we discuss in our meetings?

With this structure in place, triads can be used to continuously train your employees. They will share best practices, advice, and more, in relation to the topic you have assigned. Don’t forget, the topics should do with whatever you’re tackling in your innovative sales trainings.

3. Sales PlayBook

Having a Sales PlayBook is the most important part of being an innovative sales organization. Why?

Well, first off, your Sales PlayBook is the catalyst of future sales innovation in your organization. Think about it: to be innovative, you must have some sort of benchmark to innovate from. That is the Sales PlayBook.

With the help of the Sales Growth Team and the Accountability Triads, your Sales PlayBook will evolve with your sales process, sales reps, and offerings.

Furthermore, when new trainings occur, the information learned should go into the Sales PlayBook. Any tool, method, or process learned should be documented for the team to refer to and update accordingly.

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4. Remote Trainings

If your sales team spans more than one location, it’s important to be able to conduct remote training. For example, online webinars are a great way to teach people in multiple locations at once.

Now, you might be wondering, why is it important to have everyone on the same webinar? Can’t we just hire a trainer to travel to each location and give the same spiel?

Believe it or not, having everyone in on the same training is crucial for sales success. With that said, we don’t recommend keeping trainings isolated by location.

Not only does having one training make your team feel more like a united company, it promotes collaboration and idea-generation. Who is to say that the team from Seattle’s input won’t help the team from Tampa? And vice versa?

When the trainer opens it up for discussion, everyone will be a part of the same conversation. As a team, you will see the same results and can track KPIs accordingly. There won’t be the excuse of different trainers or different presentation. Instead, your teams will be working towards a common goal with the same tools in the back pockets.

And, you can even build out some of the tools in your Sale PlayBook on these webinars!

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5. Inclusive Trainings

Let’s face it: sales is the lifeblood of any company. Without sales, there’s no need for Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, etc.

With that said, it’s crucial to include key players in functions that support sales. For example, members of the Marketing team should be present at a portion of the sales trainings. Why? Because Marketing’s job is to drive sales through lead generation, brand recognition, and more. To effectively drive sales, Marketing must be aware of how sales people at their company sell and what type of collateral they may need.

Including Marketing and other support function in innovative sales training meetings is a great way to get your team on the same page and working towards a common goal.

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Ultimately, conducting innovative sales training doesn’t have to include drones, talking robots, or crazy algorithms. Innovation occurs when you are expanding and bettering your sales process continuously.

Make sure your sales team is on track by including a Sales Growth Team, accountability triads, a Sales PlayBook, remote trainings, and inclusive trainings in your regimen.

Do you have any other ideas about innovative sales training methods? Let us know in the comments!

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