5 Exceptional Sales Coaching Tools for Sales Leaders

December 10, 2019
5 Exceptional Sales Coaching Tools for Sales Leaders

As a sales coach, you lead the pack. That's because coaching programs help empower your sales team to reach their full potential.

According to the International Coach Federation, the average company can expect a return of 7 times their initial investment on their coaching program.

But in order to set up an effective program, you need access to sales coaching tools, resources and mentors that'll help you grow as a leader.

Below are 5 sales coaching tools that are guaranteed to help inspire, motivate and equip you with everything that you need to win.

5 Exceptional Sales Coaching Tools for Sales Leaders

1. eBook – Coach Your Sales Team to Success: A Simple Model for Providing Feedback & Coaching

As a sales coach, your key responsibility is to develop your sales team.

But it can be hard to figure out how to provide coaching to your team, especially if they aren't receptive.

The following eBook includes a simple, 8-step model for providing feedback & coaching.

Click here or on the image below and download it today!

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2. Offering – Coaching Module for the Collavia® Sales PlayBook

So you’ve got your Collavia® Sales PlayBook (and if you don't, be sure to click here or on the image below), but now you’re wondering how to keep your team on track.

The following product is a coaching module that includes:

  • Coaching journals for each team member to help keep them on the path to success
  • A coaching process page in the management area with best practices to guide you in your coaching efforts

Click here to get this product!

Collavia is THE digital Sales PlayBook platform

3. Podcast – Let's Talk Sales! Interview with Deb Calvert – Episode 101

This episode’s featured guest is Deb Calvert. Deb is the Founder of The Sales Experts Channel and is the President of People First Productivity Solutions.

In this episode, CFS interviews Deb Calvert about her books, Stop Selling & Start Leading and DISCOVER Questions®, The Sales Experts Channel, and her experience as a coach and sales leader.

Click here and download the podcast today!

Listen and Subscribe to the Let's Talk Sales Podcast! Available on Apple Podcasts

4. Offering – Sales Management and Coaching Consultation

Take your sales team to the next level with a custom sales & management coaching session

Sellers and managers are struggling. They need help and they need it now!

That’s where our sales and management coaching comes in. Our experienced team of sales coaches specialize in time management, accountability, and opportunity management.

Ready to see what your team can become? Sign up for a consultation today.

5. Upcoming Webinar – Personal and Professional Development: How to Accelerate Your Growth by Leveraging Coaching and Peer Groups

As a leader, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’ve got the business, the people, and the solutions to worry about.

That’s why we brought in Mark Taylor, Master Chair & CEO Coach of Vistage NYC for this very special webinar! Mark is passionate about growing leaders and as a Master Chair for Vistage, manages 20 NYC groups of CEOs, executives, and business owners all focused on growth.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Why coaching and peer groups are so powerful
  • How to leverage collaboration and triads to grow your business
  • Examples from our very own CEO, Charles Bernard, on the power of collaboration and peer-level coaching

Click the here or on the image below to watch this webinar today.

Webinar - Personal & Professional Development: How to Accelerate Your Growth by Leveraging Coaching and Peer Groups

Additional Resource:

Who doesn’t love a great, motivating quote? Well, I'll do you one better – here's a list of 30 inspirational quotes on sales coaching that are guaranteed to motivate and inspire you.

“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself” – Bill McCartney

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