5 Email Marketing Tactics Proven to Work in Sales

October 9, 2018
5 Email Marketing Tactics Proven to Work in Sales

With Facebook and Instagram seemingly taking over every segment of the marketing industry, it’s easy to forget the swiftness and efficiency of email marketing.

This simple, but effective way of getting your message across to your customers has become underrated in recent years. The reason behind this is the unwillingness of many marketers to commit to multiple channels.

Despite a small decline, mailing lists can still make a difference in the world of marketing. There are many ways to conduct campaigns via emails, but we’ve taken the liberty of assembling a 6-point list that will get you an excellent ROI.

6 Email Marketing Tactics Proven to Work in Sales

1. Optimize for smartphone users

According to a recent survey, only 19% of all emails are opened on laptops or desktops. This leaves a previously unfathomable 67% of all emails being viewed on smartphones far behind.

People aren’t replacing their old computers. Instead, they stop using them to commit to devices that allow them to have everything in reach.

With that said, you should reformat your emails to appeal to mobile users. This includes committing to a narrower format and fewer details, due to a smaller screen. Optimizing for smartphones also includes desktop users, as mobile-oriented emails will be easily opened even on desktop computers.

2. Try re-engaging inactive subscribers

What’s the consensus on the definition of inactivity? According to most experts, it’s 3-6 months.

Taking another shot with existing subscribers is much cheaper and much better than going out of your way to attract even more new ones. If someone is a subscriber, the chances are that they know a lot about you and your brand.

Therefore, re-engaging them is a much simpler route to conversion than getting new subscribers.

3. Segmenting is key

Not every subscriber is the same. Everyone has different needs and interests.

This differentiation spans even further – people wake up and go to bed at different times, meaning that some of them will open your email several hours later upon reception.

Let’s say people are subscribed to your sales blog. Some will want to hear about sales management tips, while others will want to hear about tips on creating great sales processes. This differs from person to person.

Efficiency can be a big reason to commit to email list segmentation. Segmented campaigns score about 100% more unique clicks than unsegmented ones. But how can you accomplish this segmentation? By looking at your analytics, use criteria that you think are the most critical – age, nationality, gender, time zone.

Another good way to make sure your lists will hit their target is to organize polls. Send them to everyone on your mailing list, and then use the results as segmentation criteria.

4. Automation is the future

If you wish to expand your brand and invest less effort at the same time, email automation is the best possible solution. While being an essential subset of marketing automation, it gives you the necessary time to focus on things that can’t be automated.

A Forrester survey found out that marketers who use email automation see a minimum 10% increase in their overall sales pipeline.

Email automation is an excellent way to ensure that your leads will become prospects. Existing customers will feel ecstatic due to your efficient automated system and will be motivated to spend more money.

Combined with additional perks such as discounts, promo codes and seasonal sales – you will see a change in the way other people perceive your brand. Pardot, Act-On, and HubSpot are all excellent introductory choices for those willing to give email automation a try.

5. Focus on personalization

Sending out personalized emails is an indispensable tool for every good marketer – or any good sales person. Sending out emails to segmented audience groups is good, but addressing every recipient by name and including some information about them is even better.

Utilizing informality and a laid-back tone is something that gets even the most skeptical subscriber to think twice about giving your brand a second chance. Even though 70% of brands hesitate to use them, personalized emails have a 6-8-times better transaction rate, which is remarkable.

Therefore, it’s essential to utilize the information you have. The array of personalized emails can include – birthdays, suggestions according to previous purchases, subscription anniversaries, random promo codes just for that customer, etc. In the end, personalization creates trust in your subscribers.

So, what do you think? Do you see the value of email marketing for your sales team?

Through test runs, personalization, and mobile optimization, you will already put yourself above most of the competition and win over more customers. Combined with other methods of marketing, mailing lists can reach their full potential.

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