5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

June 11, 2019
5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

We all experience our fair share of problems and obstacles, day-to-day.

But, are you putting your problem solving skills to the test? Do you feel confident in your problem solving abilities?

Problem solving is a highly coveted skill, across virtually every industry. It can really distinguish you from the pack and impress both your team and employer.

Here are 5 effective ways to improve your problem solving skills:

1. Define the Problem.

In order to tackle a problem head-on, you need to be able to define it.

In other words, you need to be able to define why it's a problem.

For instance, let's say you're #caffeineaddict (like me!) But, you've realized you're going a bit too overboard with your caffeine consumption.

First ask yourself: why do I really drink coffee? It's probably not just that it “tastes so good!” In fact, it might very well be that you're not getting enough sleep!

Identifying the real culprit will allow you to actually make a change to your routine. In this case, prioritize sleep!

2. Focus on the Solution.

When we're overwhelmed, it's easy to focus on all of our problems and challenges instead of potential solutions.

Challenge yourself to identify some solutions. Take a pad of paper and write out what you're thinking.

There's no such thing as a bad idea!

3. Get. Some. Sleep.

Returning to the topic of sleep, did you know that REM sleep enhances creative processing in the brain?

No wonder you can't focus on the positives or brainstorm solutions – you're probably burned out!

Prioritize fixing your sleep schedule and I guarantee you'll realize that the grass is greener on the other side.

4. Plan.

Focus on performing a “reset” that'll allow you to clear out your schedule and prioritize what's most important.

Use your general solution outline and create a mind map. This will help you determine which one of your solutions is most effective or feasible to implement.

Afterwards, simplify your schedule by creating a general game plan – and stick to it.

5. Execute.

The only way you can put your problem solving skills to the test is if you actually use them.

Take action! Even if you're unsure.

This is the only way you'll know whether your solutions will work or not.

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