4 Ways Developing Others Enables Personal Development

April 10, 2018
4 Ways Developing Others Enables Personal Development

Developing others is invaluable to your own success. Before we even dive into the different ways you can strive for personal development, we need to establish one basic understanding: you become better by developing others.

There are many ways you can begin developing others. Start with the people on your team. Maybe there are a few junior sales reps that haven’t quite gotten the swing of things. Make it your duty to show them some of your tricks of the trade. Perhaps someone on your team had a worse-than-average quarter. If they’re open to talking about it, see if you can give them some advice.

If your team is very small or you work remotely, try reaching out to people at the university or high school you attended. Offer some career advice to those trying to enter into the corporate world. You will get massive amounts of value from developing others into better versions of themselves.

Want to start off smaller? That is totally fine! If you don’t have the time to develop others personally, try doing so online.

Here’s how you can help develop others online:

1. Start a blog

If you want to start small, look into posting LinkedIn articles. This is like having a blog hosted on LinkedIn. All of the posts you write will be shared with your network and live on your LinkedIn page. It’s a great option if you’re writing to benefit others or as an alternative to creating a blog on a platform such as WordPress or BlogSpot.

You can even contribute to other blogs. In fact, you can contribute to ours! Click here to learn more.

2. Be active on LinkedIn

The small stuff counts. From tossing someone a like on their status, to commenting on an article, nothing is too small. Let’s say you created a blog on personal development/career development. You just started it and haven’t gotten much interaction. But then someone comments about how that one thing you did 5 years ago is completely relatable and that you’re not the only one that made that mistake. You will automatically feel better about your blog and the person that commented. You never know when you’ll need that connection! This is an opportunity for you to give back as well. People really appreciate when you interact with their activity on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to give the comments and likes if you want to receive them!

Another great way to get involved on LinkedIn is by providing recommendations and endorsements. If you’re not familiar, this is the section of everyone’s LinkedIn profile that give connections the opportunity to write a nice snippet about someone or promote the fact that they are good at certain skills.

An example of a recommendation would be:

“I had the very fortunate experience to work with Charles on a six month project to turn around our Sales organization at WebMD. And based on that success, I hired him to train my new teams at Trusted Media Brands Inc. Charles is always inspirational, memorable, engaging and funny — but, he is also extremely buttoned-up and well-prepared. The consummate professional. I recommend him, and the sales philosophies and techniques that he has perfected, to any consultative sales organization.”

Join LinkedIn groups to become a member of an online community. There are so many that you can choose from. They act as forums where you can answer people’s questions and offer help when they need it!

3. Share your content on social media

This is your chance to build people up in front of an audience. Maybe one of your clients had a great achievement: congratulate them on Twitter! Let your followers know how great they are and what they did. Say thank you to those that follow you, retweet you, and share your content. Be a positive energy on the internet! People will notice, and your reputation will flourish.

4. Make introductions

This is a huge help to your connections. Your friend from college, your last job, or even your current coworker could be the dream client of someone you know! Making introductions not only helps to establish new relationships with the people you are introducing, it helps maintain the ones you have as well. People are much more willing to help you if you help them. They will think of you when they meet someone that could use your product or service. And they will refer you, because you did the same for them.

After you get into the mindset that developing others boosts your own personal development, you will see how it applies to almost everything you do in business.

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