4 Email Marketing Automation Methods that Keep Prospects Coming Back

July 2, 2019
4 Email Marketing Automation Methods that Keep Prospects Coming Back

What is email marketing automation, you may ask?

Well, email marketing automation is used to keep customers updated on what’s going on and to persuade them to buy products.

Here are some examples of the email marketing automation methods your favorite brands use.

4 Email Marketing Automation Methods that Keep Prospects Coming Back

Abandon Cart Email Automation

Believe it or not, abandon cart email automations are used by millions of businesses in order to increase sales.

This email helps follow-up on customers that only went through part of the checkout process and left the website without buying anything.

Ultimately, abandon cart emails do many things. The goal, however, is to have customers go back to the website to think about making a purchase. Regardless, customers will be thinking about your products.

Sales Email Automation

Everyone loves a good deal! That’s why businesses use sales email automations to get customers to buy more.

It is hard to pass up a 50% off sale at your favorite store. Because of this, companies send out emails about sales and free shipping opportunities. Therefore, it drives traffic onto a website and increase sales.

Additionally, this marketing automation method is commonly used to keep customers loyal and keep them coming back for more products.

Nurture Email Automation

Nurture emails sent out to customers are thank you emails, order conformation emails, shipping notification emails, and rating emails.

A simple thank you can go along way. With that said, sending out a thank you email after a customer makes a purchase builds stronger relationships.

Not only is a customers main concern about the packages arrival but also where its coming from.  These email notifications help keep the customer updated on their packages through out the shipment.

Ultimately, these nurture emails help build relationships, allowing customers to feel important and allowing companies to get the input they need.

Companies use these nurture email automations to increase customer loyalty.

Newsletter Email Automation

Companies use newsletters to inform customers about the latest news, tips, or updates about a product or the company.

In today's competitive landscape, newsletters give companies the chance to showcase their brand’s personality. Therefore, helping them to stand out from their competitors.

Furthermore, newsletters are a great way companies drive traffic to their websites. By using calls-to-actions, newsletters provide an incentive to click-through.


There are millions of active email accounts around the world at this very moment.

To maximize communication, companies use email marketing automation techniques.

Email Marketing automation simplifies the most time-consuming marketing responsibilities. Additionally, it has a large influence on customer loyalty.

Therefore, if you have customer loyalty then you will have greater sales results.

Keep these methods in mind next time you receive an email after a purchase!

If you have other email marketing automation ideas, please let us know by commenting below!

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