4 Effective Tips for Managing A Remote Workforce

July 5, 2018
4 Effective Tips for Managing A Remote Workforce

Need help managing a remote workforce?

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier for employees – especially salespeople –  to be productive from home or at their local café.

But, leading and managing a remote workforce has challenges. What can you do to make your team feel valued? How do you make sure your team members are being productive without micromanaging them? What's the key to keeping remote sales reps engaged in their work? And what can you do to keep everyone on the same page?

4 Effective Tips for Managing A Remote Workforce

1. Let Them Work When They Want

One of the biggest benefits of working remotely is being able to work outside of regular office hours. Let your remote employees benefit from this.

Your team members may have conflicts that prevent them from working 9-5, or simply are most productive at a different time of day. Maybe they need to shift a workday around to attend a parent-teacher conference or go to a doctor's appointment.

Ask your remote employees what times they want to work. It’s okay to ask that they overlap with your standard office hours, but respecting your remote employees time will make them feel valued and allow them to be more productive.

2. Don’t Be Too Nosy

Managing a remote workforce requires checking in and making sure that your reps are on track. But, micromanaging your team can make them feel undervalued and even decrease productivity.

First, communicate to your team with the assumption that they are doing their jobs. They will feel more valued as members of your team, and be more willing to talk to you about any issues or problems.

Don’t forget to use the tools you have to stay on top of your team. If your CRM generates passive reports showing your team members’ performance, don’t keep asking about it! Either, your employees know that you are tracking their progress already or you will be able to tell who is slacking off without asking.

Finally, you should figure out one active method for checking in with your team. Whether it’s weekly video meetings, monthly team reports, or informal individual chats, experiment with ways to ensure that all employees know what they need to do.

3. Make It Fun!

Just because your employees work at home doesn’t mean they can’t have fun! Creating a healthy office culture will keep your employees engaged and excited about their work.

Set up an employee group chat or “water cooler” forum where your team members can chat informally. Celebrate birthdays and personal milestones, encourage them to talk about their weekends and holidays, or if possible organize physical meet-ups!

You can also subdivide your employees into teams and have a competition with real prizes. That way, your remote workforce will get to know each other, while also being extra motivated to reach their goals.

4. Give Them The Right Tools  

Managing a remote workforce requires you and your team members to have the best tools available. Your whole team needs to be organized and be on the same page.

CFS’ Sales PlayBook is a powerful tool that can help you tremendously if you have a remote sales team.  Our Sales PlayBook can house all of your best practices, templates, and processes, and improve cross-team communication to drive growth.

Do you have any tips for managing a remote workforce? Let us know in the comments.

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