3 Ways Using Email Automation in Sales Benefits Your Team

July 11, 2019
3 Ways Using Email Automation in Sales Benefits Your Team

Are you a sales leader looking to innovate your sales process using email automation? Great! You're on the right track to adapting to shifting consumer behavior.

As you may be able to guess, using email automation in sales can help you and your team in multiple ways. It's important to remember, that although setting up your automation can be a heavy lift, the long term benefits outweigh the short term commitment.

All in all, your sales team will spend less time tinkering with emails and more time, well, selling!

3 Ways Using Email Automation in Sales Benefits Your Team

1. Automating Sales Emails Saves Time

You've heard it before: time is money, and money is time.

Using email automation as part of your sales prospecting efforts frees up your sales reps' time. What does more time for a sales rep mean? Being able to make more sales calls! More calls can lead to more presentations, more face to face client meetings, and with this, more closed sales.

Remember, the goal is to save your reps time! Automate whatever you can. This way, your reps increase the amount of time they spend on other activities that drive sales, like opportunity management, proposal creation, etc.

2. Email Automation in Sales Aligns Teams and Processes

By setting up email automation processes, you have an opportunity to ensure that sales and marketing are aligned.

In today's selling world, marketing and sales need to be aligned. Marketing, through the use of automated workflows and inbound marketing, creates leads for sales to work on. In order for there to be proper handoff between a marketing vs. sales lead, both teams must be on the same page!

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3. Email Automation Creates Warm Leads

I think we can all agree: warm leads are easier to prospect than cold ones.

By using email automation in sales, your leads get warmed on automatically!

If done correctly, by the time your sales rep calls or visits the lead, he or she will already know who your rep is and why they are reaching out.That little bit of name recognition can help bring you closer to closing the deal.

4. Sales Email Automation is Systematic

By creating templates to use for email automation, you are creating a system for seasoned associates and new hires to follow. This system helps new hires learn more quickly. Similarly, it enables seasoned reps to hone their skills while sharing best practices with the team.

Be sure to store your email templates and other best practices in your Sales PlayBook.

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Have any more ideas on why adapting and innovating sales email processes benefits sales teams? Let us know in the comments!

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