3 Sales Statistics You Need to Know to Set Your Company Ahead of the Curve

July 20, 2017
3 Sales Statistics You Need to Know to Set Your Company Ahead of the Curve

When it comes to sales statistics, there are countless metrics available. Some are useless, of course. But most sales statistics are extremely useful and help CEOs and sales managers as they plan.

Here at CFS, we’ve worked with thousands upon thousands of CEOs, sales managers, and salespeople. And we’ve learned a lot! (I’ll be sharing more about this as the stats unfold).

Want to set your company ahead of the curve? Check out the sales statistics below.

Get Ahead with These Sales Statistics

Let’s dive right in, friends.

1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


“When sales and marketing teams are in sync, companies became 67% better at closing deals.”

[Source: Hubspot via Marketo]

That’s right: teams that play together, win together! Want to close more deals and create more happy customers? Get your sales and marketing teams in sync!

2. It’s All About that… Sales PlayBook!


Did you know that “almost 1/2 of all sales teams don’t have a playbook”?

[Source: Salesforce via The TAS Group]

I can hardly believe it myself! This means that almost half of the people that read this article don’t have a Sales PlayBook. (Hey, it could be YOU!). And if it is you, you’re probably asking, “so what? Why should I care?”

Well, here’s why:

“For the 60% that do have a well-defined sales process in place, the benefits are clear. Companies that follow a well-defined sales process are 33% MORE likely to be High Performers. The win rate exceeds 50% for two-thirds of companies that have a defined process in place.” [Source: Salesforce via The TAS Group]

So, let’s break down what these sales statistics are saying. Sales teams that have and use a Sales PlayBook are 33% MORE likely to be high performers with win rates exceeding 50%?

But here are two sales stats to really hit home, from our very own internal research. We've discovered that sales teams that use a Sales PlayBook as part of a sales growth program have experienced the following:

  • New opportunities increase an average of 100%
  • Closed/won opportunities increase an average of 60%

So, want to get ahead of the curve? I’d suggest investing in a Sales PlayBook! (For a free template, click here or on the image at the bottom of this post).

3. The Sky is the Limit


“Companies with ‘dynamic, adaptable sales and marketing processes’ reported an average of 10% more sales people on-quota compared to other companies.”

[Source: Hubspot via CSO Insights]

The best companies are ones that adapt to meet their consumers and their needs. Think about it this way: what if Apple created the iPhone and never ever changed it? What if there were no new features or adaptations to their product?

The same can be said for sales and marketing processes. It’s so important to stay in tune with markets and the human beings that are consuming the products and services that we sell. As demands change, we change. It’s as simple as that!

Got any other killer sales statistics you’d like to share? Comment below, I’d love to hear more.

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