3 Sales Ideas to Motivate Your Team Out of a Rut

August 11, 2015
3 Sales Ideas to Motivate Your Team Out of a Rut

It’s mid-August and if you’re like most, you’ve really got to dig deep for sales ideas to motivate your team out of a summer rut. You know how it goes: school is out, the atmosphere is relaxed, the warm sun calls us to vacation, take long weekends, and spend time with family and friends. As hard working sales professionals, it is important to take time to decompress, relax, and re-center.

Sadly for us sales folks, this also means that our prospects are often out of the office as well—causing many salespeople to feel a little summer doom and gloom. I’ve heard (and said) it all:

Why are my numbers so low?

When will she email me back?

Why is everyone on VACATION?!

As a sales manager, you have the power to motivate your team out of a summer rut and we’d like to help by sharing a few sales ideas.

Plan a Sales Team Meeting

First, start by organizing a meeting with your sales team.

A good meeting with a good team is the best motivation around—especially when the discussion is forward thinking, tactical, and focused. Be sure to stay on task. Discuss your current tactics, strategies, and leads as you implement these new sales ideas into your Sales Playbook.

It’s All About Teamwork

At CFS, we believe that working together toward a common goal is crucial to success. No singular person can do it all—as Aesop once said, “In union there is strength.”

We’ve compiled a list of 3 sales ideas to motivate your team and get them out of a rut:

1. Swap Leads

There is nothing more frustrating than working a qualified lead and getting nowhere. The truth is sometimes personalities don’t mix (we can’t take this personally). Oftentimes a fresh face or outreach might be just the ticket to work a prospect from lead to customer.

Task: Ask each salesperson to come to the meeting with a list of 5-10 qualified leads that they’d like to trade.

2. Blitz

Have your sales team review their list of leads and prospects. How many times have they interacted with them? If it’s beyond 7 visits and they are still hitting a brick wall, it’s time to put together a plan to blitz these leads.

Task: Ask each salesperson to come to the meeting with three NEW and innovative ways to convert prospects into customers. Looking for some tips? Here are some sales ideas from the CFS team:

3. Go for No

No matter how hard a salesperson tries, some leads are just not a good fit. Now is a great time to weed out leads that are not synergistic for both parties involved. At CFS we call this “go for no,” which simply means: both parties have identified who they are, what they need, and any budgets that might be important. The next question is: “are we a good fit?” If the answer is no, it’s time to move on!

Task: Ask each salesperson to come to the meeting with a “go for no” strategy for deals that have been languishing.

Getting out of a rut isn’t easy, especially in sales—but getting together as a team to discuss new sales ideas, strategies, share success stories, and create a plan to re-energize the sales effort will motivate your team toward success.

Are you a CEO, VP, or Manager looking to motivate your sales team? If so, you may enjoy our ebook on motivation.
Motivating Your Sales Team


  • Mike - Reply


    What a great idea to swap leads! I think this will be creative and fun for Friday!

    • Rebecca Smith - Reply

      Thanks so much, Mike! I’ve personally practiced lead swapping and it can be a lot of fun (and it works!). Just be sure to be nice to your team members when you turn their leads 🙂

      Have an awesome day!

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