3 Sales Automation Examples for B2B Sales Teams

July 10, 2019
3 Sales Automation Examples for B2B Sales Teams

If you google sales automation examples, you’re going to find hundreds of ways to automate different parts of your sales process. But, what does sales automation mean for B2B sales teams?

Is it possible to add automation without losing touch with prospects? The answer is yes. While B2B selling requires plenty of human-to-human interaction, there are pieces you can automate.

You may be asking, “Why is this automation stuff even important?” or thinking, “My team has been selling the old-fashioned way for years!” Automation is becoming such an important sales tool because it enables your team to focus on what they were hired to do: sell!

The Criteria for Success team has surveyed sales people across all different verticals and industries and we have found that sales people only spend 30% of their time actually selling!

If that number shocked you, it’s probably time to automate some of your processes.

3 Sales Automation Examples for B2B Sales Teams

1. Cold Email Outreach

The rise of inbound marketing has lead to plenty of leads for sales teams to reach out to. Sounds great, right?

Well, if you’re like the majority of B2B sales leaders, you will realize that huge buckets of inbound leads are both a blessing and a curse.

Why is it a blessing?

First of all, who doesn’t want emails, names, and phone numbers for people in your target market handed to you lukewarm?

Now, how is it a curse?

Well – there are so many leads to qualify and email, that your job turns into a juggling act of copying and pasting temples! And, if you follow the rule of seven, the number of leads that your reps are reaching out to at a time compounds very quickly.

Let’s not forget that the great majority of these leads aren’t looking to speak to your sales reps. However, the ones who are interested in buying, will get back to your reps.

How does this sound: your sales reps have automated their cold email outreach and have more time to focus on the leads that are actually interested in your products or services. They can focus on the ones that raise their hands!

Remember: these cold automated emails must have a goal to move the conversation forward. Usually, it’s to schedule a phone call or a demo.

2. Scheduling Meetings

Chances are, your team suffers from the song and dance of the scheduling tango. What’s the scheduling tango? Well, it involves going back and forth multiple times in an email thread to schedule a half hour phone call.

To avoid this, automate your meeting scheduling. There are tons of tools out there that allow you to set up meeting times in an online calendar for prospects to choose from. Then, they automatically get a calendar invite and can add the meeting to their calendar!

Not only does this make scheduling easier, it may also entice more people to schedule a call. When they feel like it’s on their own terms, people are more likely to schedule a meeting.

3. Reporting

As a manager, reporting is essential for understanding the progress of your sales team. The more you automate, the more reports that will be automated as well. Similarly, add certain steps to your sales process to ensure your reps are tracking the right information in your CRM.

This way, when you run reports, you’re spending less time pulling information and more time analyzing the results.

Some ideas of reports are:

  • Email opens/click-throughs
  • Calls scheduled
  • Emails sent
  • Leads converted
  • And more!

In the end, these sales automation examples are not the end-all-be-all. In fact, depending on your unique business and industry, there may be more (or less) things to automate!

Do you have any other sales automation examples? Let us know in the comments!

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