3 Reasons Why You Need a Corporate Learning Culture

September 6, 2018
3 Reasons Why You Need a Corporate Learning Culture

Looking to create a corporate learning culture? First you need to know why having a learning culture is important in the first place!

Learning doesn’t stop once you stop going to school. It definitely shouldn’t stop after the onboarding process or a few years into a position.

Outside of work we are constantly learning new things. Not to brag, but I actually learned how to make a steak from Gordon Ramsey. Now, it was just a Facebook video, bust still. At this point, I’m practically Michelin rated!

I promise I’m going somewhere with this!

There are so many tools and resources for us to learn and feel fulfilled outside of work. As a leader, you need to make sure the same goes for your team at work. They need access to relevant learning resources so they can feel fulfilled at work.

Now it’s time to talk about why having a corporate learning culture is important.

Corporate Learning Culture: Why It's Important for Your Firm:

1. Employee Motivation:

While a learning culture isn’t a substitute for other incentives, it’s definitely a way to motivate your sales reps.

The truth of the matter is this: sales and business practices are constantly changing.

If your reps aren’t being taught the latest technologies, using the newest software, and sending the most innovative emails, they will feel like they aren’t performing at work. Even if they are hitting quota and making sales, something will be missing.

It's all about making sure your reps know they are a part of a cutting-edge sales organization. With greater motivation comes better performance – and who doesn’t want that?

2. Performance:

You probably get it by now: to have the best performing sales team possible, you need to make sure you’re promoting a corporate learning culture.

Improved performance comes from the values that corporate learning culture upholds:

  • Growth: Whether it is for the individual or the company, both parties benefit. Employees that actively seek to learn more and grow create a better company. And a company that enables employees to do this will see better performance.
  • Development: Development can be translated into longevity. If a sales rep is developing at your company, it means their performance allows them to move up in rank or responsibility.
  • Idea-generation: If your sales reps are growing and developing, they have the ability to think outside the box and stretch beyond their roles. This gives them ideas to sell better and be a better team member.
  • Questioning: This is what lets your sales reps grow, develop, and come up with new ideas. If they aren’t questioning the status-quo, they are stagnant. The only way your sales reps will perform better is to question the way things are done. And this is exactly what a culture of learning promotes.

These four values are the core of our learning culture at Criteria for Success. They drive performance because they enable sales reps to have a purpose beyond just closing deals. And that is to make the sales process the best it can possible be!

3. Retention:

Today, one of the most predominant reasons for top performing and high potential employees leaving a job is because of disengagement or feeling stagnant. In fact, the 2012 Towers Watson Global Workforce Study estimated that 6 out of 10 companies experience this problem. In addition to this, 7 out of 10 people say that training and development opportunities influence their decision to stay with a company.

In the end, a corporate learning culture is important because it’s the reason people will stay with your firm. With a visible learning culture, your sales reps will see the potential to grow and develop. They will be more motivated and perform better for the years to come.

This blog post is an excerpt from our September 2018 eBook. It will be released on September 11th, 2018. Stay tuned!

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