3 Inside Sales Training Tips for Sales Managers

May 30, 2017
3 Inside Sales Training Tips for Sales Managers

Inside sales training can shape the way that your sales reps will approach selling for the rest of their career.

Oftentimes (though not always), inside sales reps are newer to the sales grind than outside sales reps. This means that they’re hungry to learn from a great sales manager, like you!

3 Inside Sales Training Tips for Sales Managers

Below are three inside sales training tips that are straight-forward—making them easy for your sales reps to adopt.

1. Follow the Sales Process

Please do yourself a favor and train around your company sales process.

Whether you use a Sales PlayBook or have another way of documenting your best practices and storing your marketing materials, it’s imperative that your team knows where everything lives and how to use it effectively. Need or want help with a Sales PlayBook? (We can help you build one!).

Need help with your sales process? We just hosted a great webinar with experts Brian Weinberger of Salesforce and Rich Sutton of Trusted Media Brands. Download the podcast here for free.

2. Use Templates

Although every conversation needs to be tailored to the prospect, there are some basic templates you can provide during inside sales training.

And, these templates should live in your sales process location like your Sales Playbook, for easy access and editing as needed.

  1. Email templates that include 1st outreach, along with follow up emails.
  2. Subject lines that work for emails.
  3. Fine tuning an elevator pitch and making it your own.
  4. Cold calling “scripts” to help guide the conversation which include qualifying questions to ask when the prospect answers the phone.

3. Use Your CRM

Train on how to use your CRM.

As a sales manager, tracking opportunities in your pipeline means tracking potential deals. So using your CRM effectively is critical.

When it comes to inside sales training, it’s also important to train reps to use the CRM. Have your sales reps document conversations and outreach to potential or existing clients.

We recently had a rep from a well-known company call and email us, asking for time to speak.  This rep clearly had not checked their company’s CRM because if they had, they would have noticed that we are already a customer and have an account manager we work with regularly.  Whoops!

I hope this helps as you start to plan for your next inside sales training. Please comment below with any questions or feedback.

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