3 Innovative Sales Ideas to Motivate Your Team

August 2, 2018
3 Innovative Sales Ideas to Motivate Your Team

Looking for innovative sales ideas that will motivate your team to sell better? Look no further.

Sales is a tough industry to be in. The protocol for outreach is constantly changing. Buzzwords are exploding and disappearing within weeks, advice from one person contradicts that from another, and prospects just don’t want to talk to your reps.

Being a sales person in this environment can be pretty demotivating. So as a leader, how do you keep your team driven? It all starts with innovation. Innovation is literally defined as: a new method, idea, product, etc. With that said, to keep your team motivated, you need to make sure you’re supplying new ideas and methods to keep them ahead of competition.

3 Innovative Sales Ideas to Motivate Your Team

1. Innovative sales ideas: Get your marketing activities automated

Sales and marketing work more closely together than ever before. Sales teams cannot function without marketing and marketing teams don’t have a purpose if there’s no sales. In the digital age we exist in, it’s impossible to adequately follow up with every lead that comes through your website. It’s important to keep marketing automated so your sales reps don’t get bogged down.

When I say bogged down, I mean either buried in the “bucket” of thousands of unqualified leads or spending too much time selling to unqualified leads. There are so many marketing tools that do the hard work for your team. The goal of a fully functioning marketing and sales alliance is to generate supremely qualified leads through great content and a wonderful website.

Sales reps should be receiving their leads from marketing all wrapped up and pretty. They shouldn’t have to further qualify the leads when they get them. You can automate this process by making sure your forms request information that qualifies or disqualifies your leads. Get started by creating a content marketing plan.

2. Innovative sales ideas: Become a thought leader in the industry

This thought leader is not a single person, instead, it’s your company as a whole. Not only does creating great content make your website rank higher in online searches, it helps sales reps sell better. Think of it like this: you’re trying to sell someone a water bottle. And realistically, your water bottle only has a number of key features that differentiate it from competition. Luckily, your company has produced research reports, case studies, and blogs about what makes your water stand out and why the features that are important for your company should be important to consumers.

As a consumer in the digital world, you’re more likely to purchase from the company that is creating the content. Not only will consumers automatically legitimize a company more if they rank higher on online searches, it makes consumers trust your product and company.

One of the biggest stigmas around sales people is that they aren’t to be trusted. Help motivate your sales team by making them trusted thought leaders with great content to back up your company’s products.

3. Innovative sales ideas: Be an active listener

Sometimes the best way to sell is to sit back and listen. Active listening is the idea of using listening and attentiveness to make prospects feel more comfortable sharing pain points and other information. At CFS, our active listening exercise is meant to show sales reps how different people act based on listening differently. We tell them to talk to their partner twice: the first time, they are ignored, the second time, they are treated like there have never been more interesting words said. Watch our live exercise here:

When you’re making hundreds of cold calls a day, it can be hard to switch from the mindset of talking to get your pitch completed and listening to try to learn more. This, however, is crucial to keeping your sales process innovative and your sales team motivated.

At the end of the day, the list of innovative sales ideas is never-ending. It’s all about how you use new trends that work with the type of people you sell to and the type of products or services you sell. So remember, innovation is a continuous process and to keep your team motivated, you need to make sure you’re innovating.

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