3 Exercises to Improve Teamwork in Sales

February 15, 2017
3 Exercises to Improve Teamwork in Sales

Looking to improve teamwork in your sales department? You've come to the right place!

Iit's easy for salespeople to forget about the team when they're hyper-focused on achieving individual goals. Especially with remote work, putting in efforts to boost collaboration is more important than ever. Improving teamwork means improvement for everyone! After all, we call them sales teams for a reason.

If you can align your employees mindsets and get them working together, efficiency and innovation will skyrocket. So what can you do to improve teamwork and make growth a reality for everyone? These three exercises below are a great place to start.

3 Exercises to Improve Sales Teamwork

1. Blind Drawing/Building

Blind instruction starts with two people sitting back to back. One person is given a picture of something, let’s say a boat, and another person will have the adequate tools to build or draw what the person with the picture is explaining. The only catch is that the person explaining cannot use the actual name of the object they are describing.

This exercise will improve teamwork based on communication. Your salespeople will be more effective in communicating with not just one another, but their prospects and client too.

2. The Shrinking Space

For this exercise you will need a sheet, or something to mark a distinctive space on the floor such as ropes or tape. Break your sales team into smaller groups or leave everyone as a singular group: the tricky part about this is not in the number of people, but the size of the marked space. Gradually shrink the space so that people have to think quickly and innovate to make sure everyone still fits in the space.

This exercise will force your salespeople to work together quickly, yet calmly. It will improve teamwork based on quick thinking and trust. It also gives a sort of insight into how people think and what their problem solving tendencies are.

3. Remote Teams: “Whose Office is it, Anyways?”

This exercise comes from Wrike. It works great with remote teams because your employees don’t see what each others workplaces look like.

In this exercise, have everyone send in a picture of their workplace–mess or no mess. Then distribute the photos and have everyone guess whose desk is whose. You can expand this to coffee mugs, desktop backgrounds, views from their windows, or even pets! You could even bring this to a non-remote office to see how well your team knows each other.

This is a great way to get remote teams feeling less distant and get your employees to build better relationships.

Exercises to improve teamwork are actually a great way to break up the monotony of office life and have fun with your employees. Its also a great way to leverage your team and see your employees full value!

Do you have any other ideas on how to improve teamwork? Let us know in the comments!


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