3 Examples of Teamwork in Sales to Encourage Collaboration

July 29, 2020
3 Examples of Teamwork in Sales to Encourage Collaboration

Need examples of teamwork in sales?

First, we need to understand that teamwork in sales doesn’t have feel impossible. In fact, there are ways sales leaders can encourage collaboration without pulling too many teeth.

3 Examples of Teamwork in Sales to Encourage Collaboration

Let's jump in.

1. Success Stories

Success stories are what drive continued success on sales teams.

They equip each sales rep with the insight and information they need to sell to a potential buyer. They also give them the confidence of being able to explain what success could look like if the buyer chooses their product or service.

Success stories are also a great way for your team to bond. If everyone shares a success story, and all your reps get excited about it, the success wasn’t just for one person, it was for the entire team.

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2. Accountability Groups

Here at Criteria for Success, we teach our clients to work together by creating accountability groups.

They can be pairs of twos, threes, or whatever you like. We recommend groups of threes, however. With our experience, we find that a group of three reps is the most likely to hold one another accountable to goals and completing tasks. If it’s just two people, one person has the ability to hinder the other with their lack of participation.

Accountability groups are a great way for sales reps to learn from one another and build relationships.

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3. Knowledge Collaboration

Knowledge collaboration is a great way to get your sales team on the same page.

We recommend using a Sales PlayBook, like Collavia, to promote knowledge collaboration. This way, you’re sharing ideas and best practices with a purpose. The purpose is to build a living, breathing document for every person involved in sales to use.

It exists to create a unified ownership of the sales process and the best practices your company uses. A platform that promotes sharing and growing knowledge and increases teamwork? That sounds great!

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Let us know if you have any go-to team building exercises to encourage collaboration in the comment section below.

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