3 Employee Retention Techniques to Reduce Turnover

April 3, 2019
3 Employee Retention Techniques to Reduce Turnover

Employee retention techniques are extremely important when it comes to reducing turnover. For more reasons than one, sales teams experience high turnover.

This leaves leaders scratching their heads wondering what they can do to keep the right people on the bus. What if I told you there is no magic trick to reducing turnover?

Turnover is a byproduct of cultural, managerial, and motivational issues. Turnover doesn’t happen when a work environment isn’t lacking in either one or all of these areas.

And don’t forget – turnover doesn’t have to happen because your company is an awful place to work, it may just not be competitive enough to keep people there.

So, what do you need to do to keep your best sales reps on the team?

 Employee Retention Techniques to Reduce Turnover

1. Listen to employees

Listening to employees doesn’t mean setting up one-on-one meetings where you get feedback from employees and then don’t implement strategies to improve your company. In order to truly listen, you need to be prepared to take action.

First of all, if an employee is coming to you with feedback – positive or negative – it’s your job as a leader to compare that feedback to every sales rep’s experience.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say an employee comes to you asking for a ticket to a paid masterclass. This masterclass will enhance their consultative selling skills. As a leader, you need to realize what this question means:

  1. Your sales rep feels insecure about their consultative selling skills
  2. He or she is hungry to learn and needs an outlet that doesn’t exist in your culture internally.
  3. There are probably many more sales reps that are lacking in this skill on your team.

So, what could you do to maximize this feedback and reduce turnover? Do your own research and see if other sales reps are lacking this skill. If it’s a team-wide issue, bring in a trainer on consultative selling for everyone. Then thank the employee that brought the need to your attention at the training. Or, if it is an isolated request, always allow the employee to go to the masterclass (if budget allows.)

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2. Spread mission and values

All of us in this day and age are motivated by our personal mission and values. When a company has a strong mission and value, it motivates your sales reps to work towards something specific.

For an example, I’ll compare it so consumers looking to buy from sustainable businesses. The world is shifting away from mindless shopping to conscious choices like using paper straws or refraining from purchasing fast fashion.

In the same sense, sales reps want to feel as though their work is making a difference. By spreading your mission and values, they will know exactly what their impact is.

Whether your sale is B2B or B2C, their sale will make an impact.

Sales people are problem solvers and provide value!

3. Celebrate Accomplishments

This means accomplishments big and small.

Did your most junior sales rep close their first sale? Celebrate it!

  • Has an account renewed for another year with your services? Have a pizza party!
  • Are sales recovering after a rough start of the year? Buy your team breakfast.
  • Did someone send a great closing email? Let them know you’re impressed.

You don’t need to kiss the ground your sales team walks on, but celebrating as a team boosts everyone’s morale.

Let’s say someone is having a terrible quarter but their team member just hit a personal milestone. It’s motivating to celebrate one person’s success as a team in an effort to show the rest that it’s possible to get there.

Also, if you’re winning as a team, it’s harder to get demotivated from the small stuff.

In today’s economy, sales turnover is increasing! It’s important to keep these employee retention tips in mind to make sure that your company is a great place to work.

You need to show sales reps that there is room to grow over many years. You need to show them that you and the company care about their empowerment!

Have any other employee retention techniques that aren’t in this article? Let us know in the comments!

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