Improve Service to Grow Sales: 4 Key Strategies

When you’re looking to grow sales, it’s easy to focus on your sales and marketing teams. But one big opportunity many people miss is to improve service. By improving service with your existing clients, you can grow sales within those accounts. You’re also more likely to receive referrals and testimonials. 4 Ways to Improve Service [...]

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Customer Service Training for Sales: Why It’s Important & What to Do

So, you’ve trained your customer service department. Now what about customer service training for salespeople? Most organizations understand just how important great customer service can be. They know that it’s the difference between a repeat customer and a potential reputation crisis if an interaction isn’t handled properly. But a lot of companies seem to script [...]

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The 5 Best Customer Service Exercises for Sales Teams

Customer service is a huge part of any selling entity. So how do you make it stick? Three words: customer service exercises. The best way to start is by having your sales team practice with each other. Not only will this help your team members develop a better understanding of customer service, but it will [...]

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Let’s Talk Sales! Improving Customer Service to Grow Sales – Episode 8

If you've been reading the CFS blog in December, you may have noticed that we've been writing a lot about customer service. So in this "CFS Talks Sales" roundtable, we share ideas for improving customer service to grow sales. In this episode of Let's Talk Sales, you'll hear from Arianna Miskel, Rebecca Smith, Charles Bernard, and [...]

Customer Service Lessons: What Verizon Taught Me About Selling

Today I got some good customer service lessons when I bought my new iPhone. Contrary to a number of bad experiences I’ve had with Verizon in the past, this one was a pleasure. My Operations Officer, Elizabeth, and I dropped by our local Verizon store. As we walked in, I said, “You do the talking, [...]

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5 Sales Forecasting Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

Sales forecasting is a critical task for all business owners to tackle regularly. It essentially predicts the gross revenue that your company may generate over a specified period of time. Through effective and realistic sales forecasting, you can better plan for the future and manage the operations of your business as a whole. You simply [...]

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4 Ways to Build Loyal Customers and Clients

An important part of growing your business is building a base of loyal customers. You need clients who keep buying your products and services, making referrals, and providing testimonials. Here are 4 ways you can build loyal customers for your firm. Develop a communication plan. Clients value communication, and to build loyalty, you need to [...]

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Let’s Talk Sales! It’s All About Fit with Glen Boehmer – Episode 7

The featured guest on episode 7 is Glen Boehmer. Glen is the CEO of Sentinel Innovation, a printing company in Hempstead, NY. Sentinel Innovation provides products such as business cards, postcards, mailers, invitations, greeting cards, and brochures. It also offers digital services. From websites to graphic design, Sentinel is truly all about innovation. But most [...]

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Customer Service: the Catalyst to Your Sales Success (Part 2)

In my last blog post, I gave you a background story about my experience with customer service in retail sales. And that no matter which type of sale you are conducting, customer service matters. This post will discuss why customer service is so important to sales people. Customer Service Matters The Why There are two [...]

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Customer Service Scripts for Sales Managers & Salespeople

Looking for customer service scripts that your sales team can use to manage client relationships? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Now before we get into the customer service scripts, I’d like to first refer you to a post I wrote a few weeks back. It’s called Customer Service Tips for Sales Managers: How [...]

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