15 Best Sales Blogs for Managers & Salespeople That Want to Grow

September 20, 2018
15 Best Sales Blogs for Managers & Salespeople That Want to Grow

Looking to grow? It’s time to follow the 15 best sales blogs out there on the interwebz! (I hear that’s what the kids are calling it these days).

Really though, it’s amazing how much we can learn on the Internet. From YouTube to forums to the best sales blogs that will be shared here—there are so many opportunities to continue developing your sales or management skills.

And that’s really what it’s all about—development! We can continue to do what we’ve always done (and get the same results). Or, we can seek to learn.

If you’re still reading, my guess is: you want to learn!

So, without further ado, let’s explore the best sales blogs for managers & salespeople that want to grow and improve.

15 Best Sales Blogs

To make it easy, I’ve broken it into three categories:

  1. Sales Managers
  2. Salespeople
  3. A bit of both! (A blend)

Keep scrolling to discover something new!

Best Sales Blogs for Sales Managers

1. Connect2Lead by People First Productivity Solutions

The Connect2Lead Blog is absolutely fantastic for sales leaders. Cited as being “for leaders at every level,” the Connect2Lead Blog shares insights on topics like how to be a great leader and how to manage effectively.

This blog also has an incredible voice behind it. It’s the voice of Deb Calvert, President of People First Productivity Solutions. I had the pleasure of interviewing Deb recently for the Let’s Talk Sales Podcast and let’s just say—she’s awesome! We had a great episode (airing November 19th)!

But it gets better! Deb and I have some great collaborations going on. She graciously invited me to write an article for the Connect2Lead Blog (and of course I accepted wholeheartedly!). If you’re interested in checking out the article, it’s called Creating a Learning Culture for Continuous Sales Employee Development.

Want to catch Deb in action? She’ll be on next week’s webinar titled How to Build an Impactful Learning Culture (Within Sales and Beyond). Click here or below to sign up!

Sales Webinar: How to Build an Impactful Learning Culture (Within Sales and Beyond)

2. The Sales Leader

The Sales Leader Blog is all about sharing cutting edge strategies for sales leaders. Authored by sales guru, Colleen Francis, the Sales Leader Blog shares tips and advice for sales managers and other leaders in sales.

Key Article: The Problem with Perfection


Looking for sales strategies from the trenches? Well, the CloserIQ Blog is the place! You’ll learn about recruiting the best salespeople, onboarding and training new sales reps, improving culture, and more.

This blog also has great content for salespeople!

Key Article: Sales Coaching 101: How to Help Your Sales Representatives Succeed

4. OpenView Labs

The Openview Labs Blog is awesome for sales leaders and CEOs. The blog provides insights, actionable advice, and founder interviews aimed at expanding software companies. But don’t let that last part put you off—whether you’re a software/SaaS company or not, there is lots ot learn from this blog!

Key Article: 4 Proven Strategies for Retaining Your Best Sales Employees

5. Sales Management Association

Looking for a site that’s really hyper-focused on sales management? Well, the Sales Management Association Blog is for you!

The Sales Management Association Blog covers a wide range of topics specific to sales leadership and sales effectiveness. With guest writers and contributors from a variety of successful companies, you’re sure to learn something powerful!

Key Article: Belief Boundaries: Coaching as a Powerful Way to Unlock Potential

Best Sales Blogs for Salespeople

1. Jill Konrath's Sales Blog

Want to crush the sales game? Of course you do! Well, you won’t want to miss Jill Konrath’s Blog. She shares sales strategies, techniques, and fresh perspectives that are sure to keep you pumped up about selling!

Better yet, Jill is also a well-known author. She has authored Selling to Big Companies, SNAP Selling, AGILE Selling, and most recently released More Sales Less Time.

Key Article: 17 Essential Sales Assumptions

2. Sales Gravy

The Sales Gravy Blog is a great resource for salespeople. Whether you’re looking to up your prospecting game, get out of a slump, or just learn something new, there are tons of articles.

This blog was founded by Jeb Blount, author of Fanatical Prospecting, People Love You, Sales EQ, and more—so you know it’s good! On the Sales Gravy Blog, you’ll hear from experts like Jill Konrath, Mike Weinberg, Mark Hunter, and many others.

Key Article: Three Reasons People Aren't Buying from You

3. Connect2Sell by People First Productivity Solutions

If you read the recommendations in the “Sales Managers” section of this article, then this blog title might look a little familiar. That’s because not only does Deb Calvert have a blog specific to managers, but she also has one just for salespeople. Queue the Connect2Sell Blog.

Key Article: Turn B2B Leads to Sales with the Perfect Demo

4. Art Sobczak’s Smart Calling Blog

Does the name Art Sobczak ring a bell? If it does, you probably have a copy of Sell More in Less Time or Smart Calling (or an oldie-but-goodie Telephone Tips That Sell!).

Well, Art also has a blog! He shares tons of great content to help prospect smarter and overcome sales problems.

Key Article: Prospects Not Replying? How to Follow-Up Better and Move to Close More Quickly

5. The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino

Last on the best sales blogs for salespeople is The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino.

I’m subscribed to just a few newsletters by sales gurus—not many—because I want to actually read the emails I’m getting! And Anthony’s newsletter is one that I look forward to reading. He’s always writing about relevant topics in sales, and that’s what I really like.

For example, the article I’m suggesting below is one of those “timely” blog posts. It’s about those pesky little LinkedIn sales messages that we often receive right after “connecting” with someone on LinkedIn. Check it out, and check out his blog!

Key Article: Lazy Prospecting

Best Sales Blogs for Anyone in Sales

Alright, here we are! We’ve made it through the best sales blogs for sales managers and salespeople—now we’re into the meat: the best sales blogs for anyone in sales!

1. HubSpot Sales Blog

Oh Hubspot, how I love thee!

Yes, that’s right—HubSpot has a killer sales blog. They’ve got a great marketing blog too! But since we’re focused on sales and sales leadership, let’s focus on the HubSpot Sales Blog.

It’s young, it’s hip, it’s millennial (ha, I just really wanted to say that). But most importantly, it’s all about sales strategies to help. Need help being a better salesperson or sales manager? There’s bound to be something for you!

Key Article: The Sobering Truth: Why You Can’t Sell to C-Suite Executives

2. The Sales Hunter

If you want to become the ultimate hunter, The Sales Hunter Blog is where it’s at! This blog is by the infamous Mark Hunter. He’s authored High-Profit Prospecting and High-Profit Selling, and is just an all-around good guy! We love Mark here at CFS and are big fans!

In fact, you might’ve caught Mark’s voice on the Let’s Talk Sales Podcast!

Want to see Mark in action? Check out this webinar: High-Profit Prospecting: How to Create a Sales Force that Wins.

Key Article: The Fat Sales Pipeline vs. the Narrow Pipeline: Which is Better?

3. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is a great resource for sales professionals trying to up their game. They have an awesome webinar series, and the blog is chock-full of helpful tips and ideas.

Key Article: Sales Burnout is Real. So Are These Top Indicators and What to Do About Them

4. Women in Sales

The Women in Sales Blog takes a unique approach—it’s not just about “sales” per say—it’s also about helping women specifically. The blog shares tips in sales, yes. But it also focuses on helping women advance their career forward with posts like Finding a Career Path that Works for Your Life and Goals, How to Get a Promotion, and How to Advance Your Sales Career (Beyond Crushing Your Quota).

Key Article: Becoming and Succeeding as a Manager

5. Criteria for Success

Of course, I can’t end this best sales blogs article without mentioning the blog you’re reading: The Criteria for Success Blog!!

In case you didn’t notice, we actually have two areas that we write under:

  1. Sales Leaders – blogs tagged in this category are perfect for CEOs, Sales VPs/Sales Managers, or any leader in sales.
  2. Sales Success – blogs tagged in this category are perfect for anyone, but salespeople will find a ton of value here!

Want to listen instead of read? We can help you there too! Have you listened to the Let’s Talk Sales Podcast? Click here or on the image below to see where you can listen to the show.

Got any other favorite sales blogs? Share them in the comments below!

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