11 Sales Email Templates for Closing Deals

September 2, 2021
11 Sales Email Templates for Closing Deals

Sales email templates help you streamline your sales process! And here at Criteria for Success, we’re big believers in using and storing effective sales email templates in our Sales PlayBook.

Below is a list of some of our top-performing sales templates to help you close more deals.

Sales Email Templates for Closing Deals

The sales templates I've shared here have one, specific purpose: to help salespeople close more deals. Use these templates after you have already identified and qualified an opportunity.

Sometimes, you might run into issues with unresponsive, radio-silent prospects. Or, you might have garnered enough momentum with your prospect and are just moments away from closing.

I've included some Post-Meeting Follow-Up and Radio Silence Buster templates to help you navigate through either situation.

Post-Meeting Follow-Up Sales Email Templates

So you've met with the prospect, discussed needs or pain points, and determined “fit”. Here are some sales templates you can employ after your meeting:

1. Send a DEAL Email using the template below.

DEAL is an email template and strategy that we not only use at CFS, but also teach to our clients. For the full DEAL philosophy and resource, download our eBook Discovering High Performance with DEAL: A Simple Sales Tool that Produces Positive Results.

To summarize, DEAL is all about maintaining an open dialogue with your prospect. This email is straightforward and details the terms discussed in previous meetings or conversations.

DEAL stands for:

D – Determine Requirements

E – Engage the Client

A – Assume Responsibility

L – List the Desired Outcomes/Criteria for Success

DEAL doc

*Note that the call to action is at the beginning of the template, not at the end. We recommend this approach because it brings attention to their tasks immediately, and provides an opportunity to re-confirm at the end of the email.

2. Share references.

Sharing references or recommendations from current or previous clients with similar pain points is a great way to keep the momentum going after a meeting.


3. Keep the conversation going with this sales email template.

4. Share success stories.

5. Introduce the prospect to other team members.

Radio Silence Busters

The following sales email templates were designed to combat radio silence. That is, prospects who have gone cold and are no longer responsive. We call this strategy “going for no”.

Going for no serves two purposes.

First, it gets the prospect out of your pipeline and clears up time for better-fit leads.

Second, it can serve as an interruption to get a slow-moving prospect to take action. Buyers are used to the persistent salesperson and are often surprised to hear a salesperson say, “I don’t need this deal.”

But, what’s the best way to go for no?

It’s important not to come across as if you're bullying your prospect into action. These emails are designed to either provide more information or ask for further clarification. The tone can vary based on your rapport with the prospect – formal or casual, funny or serious.

Do what feels right to you, and always respect your prospect’s decision.

1. The “polite ask.”

2. The “blunt ask.”

3. The “cordial inform.”

4. The “blunt inform.”

5. The “short and sweet.”

6. The “polite & casual.”

I hope that you're inspired to incorporate any one of these sales templates into your sales process! What were some of your favorites? Did you use any of our recommended templates and if so, what were your results? Let us know in the comment section below.

It's also critical that you document all of your templates in your very own, customized Sales PlayBook.

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