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Sales Growth Program

We specialize in transforming sales teams

The Criteria for Success Sales Growth Program combines the why (philosophy) and the how (mechanics) of selling to establish long-term, sustainable, and predictable growth for your company. We execute the program with analysis, consulting, training, and a Sales PlayBook.

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Sales PlayBook

Revolutionize the way you sell

Years of client engagements, thought leadership, and research have enabled us to build Collavia, the Digital Sales PlayBook. Collavia takes the basic idea of a Sales PlayBook and combines it with collaboration functionality. Collaboration is at the forefront of our PlayBook. In fact, Collavia’s name itself is derived from the word. Collavia is the transformation tool your company needs to revolutionize the way you sell.

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Sales Exploration

Bridge the gap between leadership and sales

The Criteria for Success Sales Exploration is the foundation of our clients’ sales success. It’s a snapshot of your team’s current standing in terms of culture, accountability, and process. This analysis is the jumping-off-point to our Sales Growth Program and enables us to customize our program to meet your team’s specific needs. We work with clients to customize every exploration survey. This way, the language resonates with different teams and the questions are focused on the most important issues.

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Breakthrough Sales Training

Drive consultative selling behaviors

The Criteria for Success Breakthrough Sales Training is the foundation for our sales training curriculum. It’s this training that lays down the philosophical groundwork for all of our methodologies and processes. To plan your Breakthrough Sales Training, we start with an analysis of your current goals and common problems. Then, we develop a custom curriculum based on our best-practice modules to meet your specific needs.

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