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Our Sales Training Philosophy

We harness the “why” and “how” of selling to drive growth.

Criteria for Success was founded in 2004 with a simple goal: to help salespeople sell more. A high-performing sales team becomes the engine that drives repeatable, scalable growth for your organization, and helps you accomplish more than you thought possible. We’ve identified the systems and behaviors that enable all salespeople in an organization to be as effective as the top producer.

We believe selling is a combination of philosophy and mechanics. Most people focus on the mechanics in developing selling skills – putting the “how” before the “why.” Great sales performance doesn’t come from reciting scripts, reading books, or following a checklist alone: long-term, habit-based success comes from understanding the deep psychological factors underlying the sales process and leveraging those through structured systems and processes.

Criteria for Success focuses on developing salespeoples’ philosophy for success: what motivates you, how to stay focused, and how to overcome self-limiting beliefs. We also work with salespeople to identify their buyer’s philosophy to develop compelling, persuasive purchasing conversations that provide value for both sellers and buyers.

Once we have the philosophy in place, we deliver high-impact, high-energy training filled with best practices, tools and techniques to succeed. Our Sales PlayBooks also come with templates, guides and worksheets to solidify learning and train new employees.

So that’s who we are: the philosophy and mechanics people.

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